Tesla Ramps Up Battery Production in Fremont by Expanding into New Building

Tesla Ramps Up Battery Production in Fremont by Expanding into New Building

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Tesla is increasing production of 4680 battery cells in Fremont by expanding into a new building. The new building is four times the size of the building on 47700 Kato Rd, hinting at a substantial increase in production capacity.

Batteries are key to the successful development of electric vehicles, which is why in 2020, Tesla announced that it had entered the battery business. At Battery Day in September 2020, they presented the 4680 battery cell which had a number of advantages over the current 2170 cell, including reduced cost. The production lines were originally housed in two buildings at the Tesla factory in Fremont, at 47700 Kato Road and 1055 Page Avenue. It housed pilot lines for the production of revolutionary batteries, which are now used in some Model Ys.

Although production lines for the 4680 cells are being installed in Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, it is clear that with Tesla's plans for the future, there will not be enough of them. Teslarati learned that the company was expanding its cell production in Fremont, taking over a new building. Tesla's December 21 filing shows the project would cost $1.5 million.

The new building is located near 47700 Kato Road and 1055 Page Avenue production facilities, at 901 Page Avenue. In size, it is about four times larger than the 47700 Kato Road building. According to the application, the “Cell Development Lab” will be located on the first floor of said building.

Earlier, unnamed sources said that initially, production of 4680 battery cells for Cybertruck will be established at the Fremont factory and only later, at Giga Texas. In addition, the battery cells produced here can be used for the Fremont-produced Model Ys. At the moment, know that Tesla has manufactured Model Ys with 4680 cells only at Giga Texas.

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