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Tesla Recruits Local Operations Team to Bring FSD to China: Report

Tesla Recruits Local Operations Team to Bring FSD to China: Report

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Tesla is recruiting a local operations team to bring out Full Self-Driving (FSD) in China, according to a report. The operations team will consist of about 20 people, and the data labeling team will consist of hundreds of employees.

Tesla is recruiting a local operations team to implement FSD (full self-driving) in China, according to a new report from local 36kr. It will consist of about 20 people. It is reported that engineers from Tesla's headquarters in the United States have already been sent to China to conduct training. The 36kr report cites an internal source. However, keep in mind that this is an unconfirmed rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.

In addition, the source said Tesla is also trying to set up a data labeling team in China. It should consist of several hundred people. According to the report, the team should prepare the FSD algorithm for training.

Although Tesla vehicles may still raise Chinese concerns about the reliability of data storage, the company once again clarified this issue. Tesla China said in a statement on August 14 that the company has set up a data center in China and that all data received from vehicles sold in the country is stored domestically.

If Tesla intends to develop FSD in China, it must apply for a provisional license. It was previously mentioned that tests could take place in Shanghai. After two weeks of trial operation and approval by local authorities, Tesla could qualify for long-term testing, people familiar with the matter said according to the report. It will take at least three months to get this qualification.

On May 12, a Shanghai official said the city would continue to deepen its cooperation with Tesla. It will promote the company's business, including autonomous driving and robotics, in Shanghai. This became the basis for further circulation of rumors.

On June 9, CITIC Securities analyst Lian Yixi's team said that the Tesla FSD penetration trend in China has become more apparent, according to a CnEVPost report. However, it still faces two major challenges, data collection qualifications and supercomputing centers, according to the team.

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