Tesla Is Revamping Model 3 Production Line in Fremont: Report

Tesla Is Revamping Model 3 Production Line in Fremont: Report

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Tesla is revamping its Model 3 production line in Fremont. This could hint at both an increase in production capacity and an upgrade to the sedan's existing design.

Tesla has officially begun revamping its Model 3 production line at its Fremont factory. According to documents found by Teslarati, Tesla has applied for several Model 3 production line revisions in Fremont. Specifically, a part of the factory called General Assembly Model 3 (GA3) will be undergoing a reorganization over the next few months, permits show.

According to the information, Tesla submitted and signed an application for the construction of temporary tents on December 6, 2022. These new, temporary structures will carry out Model 3 body fitting and light repair operations until May 1, 2023. According to the application, the cost of the project is $20,000.

Additionally, another document revealed that Tesla planned to demolish the brake and roll equipment on the Model 3 lines. These systems are used to simulate real road conditions. In addition to this, there will be a temporary floor cover placed over the pits that store the equipment. All auxiliary electrical and mechanical communications will also be demolished. The cost of the project is $75,000.

The design changes to the Fremont factory come after a rumor a few days ago that Tesla was planning to upgrade its Model 3 with the main goal of reducing the cost of its production. While Tesla has yet to make any announcements, it appears that this could be achieved by using single-piece front and end casts to produce the car. The company has previously said that not only will Model Y eventually be produced using the new technology, but also its other vehicles, including Model 3.

In addition, the use of single-piece front and end casts will remove the need for some production steps, which means freeing up space for installing more equipment to employ new technologies. It is logical to assume that this will increase the overall production capacity of the line, which is in line with Elon Musk's earlier announcement that Tesla will expand operations in California.

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