Tesla Roadster & Cybertruck Are the World’s Most Anticipated EVs

Tesla Roadster & Cybertruck Are the World’s Most Anticipated EVs

Electric vehicles continue to gain popularity year after year. Tesla made the electric car fashionable and to this day, its EVs are of the greatest interest to consumers. Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck were the most anticipated and desired EVs around the world, while Model S, 3, X, and Y were very popular in a number of countries in 2021.

With the introduction of the first-generation Tesla Roadster to the market, consumers began to rethink what an electric car is. From boring golf carts, they have evolved into high-performance sports cars that have captured the interest of car enthusiasts. Today, many companies are working on the development and production of electric car models, however, Tesla is the undisputed leader. Lease Fetcher conducted a study to find out which EVs were the most popular in 2021 and which ones everyone is looking forward to in the near future. They looked at EV search volume data in Google from 168 countries.

According to the results, Tesla Roadster is the most anticipated EV on Google by Global Search Volume. It was searched for a whopping 8,532,000 times worldwide in 2021, averaging 711,000 times per month. The car is the most anticipated EV in 56 different countries. In the UK, it is also the most searched model with 456,000 searches per year. In the U.S., it ranks second with 3,312,000 searches per year.

Meanwhile, Tesla Cybertruck is the most anticipated EV on Google Search in the U.S., right behind the Roadster. The electric pickup truck is also considered the second most anticipated EV model in the world, with 7,296,000 searches per year.

Tesla Roadster tops the charts for searches in 56 out of 168 countries including Argentina, Canada, Egypt, France, Israel, Morocco, Thailand, and many more. Right after Apple Car in second place, in third place is Tesla Cybertruck. It is the most popular electric car in 22 countries, with a particular interest in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, Russia, and UAE.

In addition to the most anticipated EVs, Lease Fetcher also provided information on the most popular EVs of 2021 that are already on the market. Tesla Model 3 was the most desired EV on Google by Global Search Volume for 2021 with 25,440,000 searches per year, averaging 2,120,000 per month. It was also the most desired EV on Google in 64 different countries last year.

Tesla Model Y is in second place with 14,160,000 searches per year. The car was also the most desired EV on Google in the U.S. for 2021. The rest of the top 5 consist of the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X, respectively. Thus, all existing Tesla models make the top 5 Global search list for 2021 and the other two are the most anticipated.

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