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Tesla Rolls Out Quicksilver Model Y Demonstration at its Stores Across Europe

Tesla Rolls Out Quicksilver Model Y Demonstration at its Stores Across Europe

Image: @EspenLimstrand/Twitter

Tesla rolls out Quicksilver Model Y demonstrations at its stores across Europe. Cars in the new color, which are produced exclusively at Giga Berlin, are already available in Belgium, Germany, and Norway.

In October, Tesla unveiled two new colors for the Gigafactory Berlin-made Model Y. These were luxurious Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. Midnight Cherry Red has a striking depth that changes with the light to accentuate Model Y's graceful curves. The dynamic Quicksilver color with liquid metal effect gives the car an elegant look.

In early November, Quicksilver Model Y was showcased at Auto Zürich in Switzerland, marking the first official physical appearance of the color in public. Just a couple of days after that, in mid-November, At least six cars painted in Quicksilver were spotted by @gigafactory_4/Twitter among the Model Ys ready for delivery that had rolled off the assembly line. The cars were parked with other Model Ys in white and black colors. There may have been more, but only six are visible in the photographs. At that time, Tesmanian suggested that these were units for showrooms, as the first deliveries were only scheduled for February 2023, according to Tesla's website.

Now reports have begun to come in from various countries in Europe that Tesla has deployed demonstrations of the Quicksilver Model Ys in its showrooms in the region. @Gf4Tesla/Twitter confirmed this by sharing a message from the manufacturer in Germany: “Available now. Discover the Model Y in Quicksilver. Visit us at your nearest Tesla location. Developed in our advanced paint shop at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, Quicksilver is a dynamic liquid metal effect paint that accentuates the shape of the Model Y.”

@nasalahe/Twitter shared photos of his friend taken in Norway. The Quicksilver Model Y was in the showroom and shimmered beautifully under the rays of the sun, reflecting the blue of the sky.

@SP_MYP/Twitter shared photos of the car from Belgium. Under a gloomy sky, Quicksilver paint took on a rich and elegant depth.

@tesla_adri/Twitter shared photos of the Quicksilver Model Y from two locations in Germany. The car in the showroom sparkled attractively, reflecting the light radiating from the backlights. The car, parked outside where the ground was already partially covered in snow, showed a stunning iridescence of colors, where the parts reflecting the gray sky had a rich gray gloss, and the parts where the snow reflected shimmered silver.

The Quicksilver color is made possible by the Giga Berlin paint shop, which has a unique layout and was specifically designed and built to implement Tesla's new colors. During the painting process, up to 13 layers of paint are applied to the car, which gives the surface a unique depth and excellent appearance. Highly pigmented metallic paints provide a special sheen effect that enhances the design of Model Y, allowing colors to change depending on the vehicle's angle and lighting.

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