Tesla Hiring Has Spiked, in Line with Elon Musk's Forecast

Tesla Hiring Has Spiked, in Line with Elon Musk's Forecast

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Tesla has significantly increased its hiring, compared to the lowest figure this year. After a flurry of layoffs to streamline the company, the manufacturer has restored hiring across the board, in line with Elon Musk's earlier forecast.

In June, Tesla began to optimize its operations by adjusting the hiring and firing of employees, as well as their wages. In a situation of economic instability in the US, the manufacturer had to take the necessary steps to maintain a positive cash flow. At the time, it was loudly discussed that Tesla would cut its workforce by 10%, but the daunting figures obtained from an internal email sent by Elon Musk to the company's employees were taken out of context. The email did contain information that some employees would be laid off, but it also made it quite clear that the overall headcount of the company would grow.

Musk explained that the staff will be reduced in “overstaffed” areas. Obviously, Tesla has clear priorities and does not want to support those operations that do not benefit it at the moment. Musk also emphasized that the reduction will not affect those workers who are employed in production and wrote that the company's hourly headcount will increase.

After a wave of layoffs and the lowest recorded hiring in June, Tesla has begun active hiring in all areas. According to Reuters, Tesla listed more than 6,900 jobs on its careers website this week, up almost 50% since mid-June. This is nearing a peak in 2022, with over 7,400 job postings posted in May (shown according to data tracked by Thinknum Alternative Data and hedge fund Snow Bull Capital). Starting in July, jobs in engineering and information technology, vehicle maintenance, and manufacturing have led this revival. Jobs in auto maintenance jumped more than 40% from the end of June to more than 1,600 this week.

While other automakers have slashed their workforce in recent years and are in no hurry to resume hiring, Tesla is seeking tens of thousands of workers worldwide. Because the the demand for its products increases each year, the company opens new production facilities in kind. Meanwhile, Tesla also continues to enter new areas of development, only further expanding its growth, and therefore requiring increased manufacturing capacity and additional workforce still.

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