Tesla Solar Made More Energy than its Cars & Factories Used from 2012-2021, So TSLA Haters Are Shorting Earth

Tesla Solar Made More Energy than its Cars & Factories Used from 2012-2021, So TSLA Haters Are Shorting Earth

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Tesla solar panels have generated more electricity than has been consumed by its vehicles and factories between 2012 and 2021. Thus, those who are shorting Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock and preventing the manufacturer from developing are opposed to improving the climate situation on Earth.

Tesla is unique in that it operates in a wide variety of areas from car manufacturing to the development of humanoid robots. While the company's electric vehicles are already making a significant impact in reducing CO2e emissions, the company's Energy division is focused on delivering renewable solar energy. Tesla's success in this direction demonstrates not only the commitment of the manufacturer to its goal, but the successful implementation of the tasks set.

In the 2021 Impact Report, Tesla reported that as of the end of the year, its solar panels have produced more electricity than was consumed by all of its cars and factories between 2012 and 2021. This is an excellent achievement that should be a showcase for all manufacturers and especially automotive companies around the globe. While car manufacturers are delaying the transition to the production of electric vehicles and continue to pollute the environment with their work and the products they produce, in their life cycle, Tesla is effectively working to change the climate situation on our planet. That is why anyone who tries to prevent the company from actively developing further is the one who supports the deterioration of the climate situation.

Tesla Cumulative Net Energy Impact: 2012-2021 (TWh)

Source: Tesla

Some famous people continue to manipulate the theme of helping solve climate change, while their actions indicate that the main topic that excites them is the opportunity to earn money. For example, Bill Gates, who recently wanted to discuss climate-related “philanthropic possibilities” with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has a large short position in Tesla of around a half-billion dollars, which he himself confirmed. Later, in an interview with BBC Today, the billionaire said that such a position is just an investment, not a move against helping solve climate change.

The bottom line is that such words are only excuses directed at those people who do not want to think critically. In fact, Tesla is the company that has made the world's biggest contribution to helping solve climate change to date, and the data presented in its 2021 Impact Report confirm this. If Gates sincerely wanted to help solve climate change, he would never have gone short Tesla. When a person puts the possible financial benefit (so-called, by the billionaire, an “investment”) above the problem of climate change, it becomes clear only that he sincerely worries only about money.

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