Tesla & SpaceX Are the Most Desired Workplaces for Engineering Students

Tesla & SpaceX Are the Most Desired Workplaces for Engineering Students

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Tesla and SpaceX remain the undisputed leaders with the most coveted workplaces for engineering students. The companies have held the lead over the past years, which underlines their exceptional utility for the whole world.

Tesla and SpaceX are once again established as the most disruptive companies in the world. According to Universum's 2022 U.S. rankings presented in Tesla's 2022 Impact Report, the companies continue to be the most in-demand workspaces for engineering students. SpaceX takes first place, and Tesla, second. Although Elon Musk's companies have been in the top spot for several years now, in general, the top 10 has changed from year to year. However, Universum noted that this year, the engineering rankings in the Top 10 are showing near-zero dynamics, showing how competitive these top 10 spots are.

Universum surveyed over 49,000 US-based students including business, engineering, and computer science between October and April. The study asked students to choose which employer characteristics are most influential as they consider future employment, and which employer brands they most admire.

Musk's space company has already made incredible progress in rocket science. SpaceX rockets are reusable, which significantly reduces the cost of launches. The company is also deploying a system of satellites for high-speed internet. But SpaceX's top priority is to build a Starship spacecraft for flights to the Moon and Mars. Last week, the company made its first launch to test it.

Tesla is a company that creates zero-emission vehicles and its goal is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. The company's developments in automotive, energy storage, and software make it a leader in many areas.

In addition to second place among engineering students, Tesla also ranks seventh in the US Business Students' Rankings and fifth in the US Computer Science Students' Rankings. This once again emphasizes how competitive the company is in various areas.

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