Tesla Supercharger V4: Design & Dimension Details Surface

Tesla Supercharger V4: Design & Dimension Details Surface

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The Tesla Supercharger V4 has been in development for some time now and its final design may be ready. Information from sources shows how it will look and what dimensions it will have.

The charging speed of electric vehicles is one of the main factors that must be overcome in order to achieve parity with ICE vehicles. Already now, Tesla vehicles can be charged on Superchargers at a high speed, but this is not the limit and the power of 350 kilowatts is not far off, Elon Musk hinted during the Tesla Model S Plaid presentation in 2021.

The emergence of more powerful Tesla chargers has long been discussed in the community. At a delivery event, Musk officially confirmed for the first time that the company is working on this. He said that, at the moment, the installation of 250 kW Superchargers is actively continuing, and soon Tesla will begin to increase their capacity to 280, 300, 350 kW.

“With peace in mind, it is super easy… to keep increasing the power of Superchargers, you know, we're 250 kW, so obviously, we'll start going to 280, 300, 350 kW.”

Now @MarcoRPTesla/Twitter has been able to get some information on what design and dimensions the new V4 Supercharger will have. Although he does not have photos of it, but only measurements, by comparing the dimensions with the current V3, he created a schematic drawing of their differences. According to @MarcoRPTesla, the V4 Superchargers will be taller, thinner, and have a slightly smaller footprint than the current ones.

Drive Tesla was able to obtain a photo of the new V4 Supercharger, but to protect the identity of its source, could not release the photo. However, the blog has described what it looks like. The stall will reportedly look very similar to the Megacharger that was designed to charge the Tesla Semi. However, it has several differences. Firstly, they differ in the charging connector, which is logical. Secondly, the place where it connects to the stall is somewhere in the middle between its base and top. In Megachargers, the connection point of the connector is closer to the bottom of the stall. Most likely, this difference in placement is due to the fact that the Megacharger is higher than the V4 Supercharger.

According to earlier information from @SawyerMerritt/Twitter, the rollout of V4 Superchargers could happen sometime in Q3 2022. However, keep in mind that times can vary greatly depending on many factors and the situation in the world.

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