Tesla Superchargers & Plugs Should Be the U.S. Standard for EVs, Aptera Urges US Congress

Tesla Superchargers & Plugs Should Be the U.S. Standard for EVs, Aptera Urges US Congress

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Tesla Superchargers and Plugs should be the US standard for EVs, says Aptera. The company is asking you to sign a petition to urge the US Congress to implement this.

Aptera Motors is an American start-up company based in San Diego, California, which was created to produce high-performance road vehicles. In 2020, the company unveiled a prototype of its first car that used Tesla charging technology. It was chosen because it is neat, small, and streamlined. Now the startup has decided to take action to make Tesla Superchargers and Plugs the standard in the US.

Aptera explains that, while electric vehicle technology has advanced rapidly, the charging standard in the US has not changed. CCS and SAE J1772 are common standards in the US, but they are “clunky, cumbersome, and expensive.” They cited a recent study by JD Power that found that Tesla Superchargers provide the best EV charging experience. The connector is easier to use, the port is small, convenient, and universal for AC or DC Fast Charging.

Aptera believes that the US government should adopt Tesla Supercharger technology as the standard for all electric vehicle chargers in the US. This is not only about the best user experience for customers, but also about cost. A program in Texas recently showed that installing a Supercharger station costs one-fifth of what the average competing charging networks are paying. Given the significant amount of funding the government is planning to put into charging infrastructure, Aptera thinks it makes sense to build on Tesla's standards.

If the US starts supporting Tesla charging standards now, Aptera calculates, it could start expanding charging infrastructure at a significantly lower cost, saving $4 billion in projected charging infrastructure spending through 2027. The savings could be used, for example, for programs to produce electric vehicles.

Aptera calls to support its initiative and sign the petition on

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