Tesla Superchargers Open at Meag Malls in Germany, Promoting Widespread Electric Vehicle Adoption

Tesla Superchargers Open at Meag Malls in Germany, Promoting Widespread Electric Vehicle Adoption

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Tesla Superchargers opened in Meag shopping parks in Germany to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The cooperation between the two companies aims to reduce polluting emissions by encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

For electric vehicles to experience widespread adoption, broad charging infrastructure is needed. The widespread opening of charging stations will play a key role in this. That is why Tesla is actively developing its own Supercharger network and in some countries makes it available for electric vehicles of all manufacturers.

The recent opening of the manufacturer's factory in Germany has made Germans more willing to buy Tesla vehicles. In this regard, the manufacturer is actively developing the Supercharger network to meet the growing demand. This spring, in collaboration with Munich Re and Ergo, the company opened two Superchargers at Meag shopping parks. A 20-stall Supercharger with 250 kW was opened at the Freesen Center Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein) at the beginning of April. Another 16-stall location with 250 kW was opened in Ems Park Leer (Lower Saxony) at the end of May.

Dr. Stefan Haas, Head of Real Estate Asset Management at Meag, said: “We would like to thank Tesla for the close and trusting cooperation and the planned opening of fast-charging stations. In this way, we make shopping centers more attractive to customers and merchants, paving the way for e-mobility and making an indirect contribution to climate protection.”

Equipping shopping parks with fast charging stations is considered an important prerequisite for the nationwide implementation of e-mobility in Germany. Consumers can charge their car without spending extra time on it. While the car is charging near the mall, the owners can shop at the store. As individual mobility is one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions in Germany today, the massive shift to electric vehicles is making a decisive contribution to meeting national climate targets and mitigating climate change.

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