Tesla Suspends Orders for Model 3 in Taiwan

von Eva Fox November 06, 2022

Tesla Suspends Orders for Model 3 in Taiwan

Photo: DDCAR

Tesla has suspended orders for Model 3 in all configurations in Taiwan. Previously, the cars were delivered from Fremont, USA. The ability to order Model Ys, which are delivered from Germany, is still active.

Tesla customers in Taiwan are upset as, according to @Tslachan/Twitter, the manufacturer has suspended Model 3 orders in the country. In August, the company suspended orders for the Model 3 Long Range, and on Friday, for the entry-level Model 3 and Model 3 Performance. It is noteworthy that the order page is active, and there is simply no possibility of ordering. At the same time, the notes indicate that the release date of the cars has not yet been determined. This may mean that Tesla is not going to manufacture and deliver Model 3 to Taiwan at the moment, but it may hint that this could change in the future.

Model 3 for Taiwan has been manufactured in Fremont, USA and shipped from the USA. While some attribute the suspension of orders to geopolitical tensions between China, Taiwan, and the US, this does not seem to be the real reason. Model Y, which is produced in Germany, is still available for order in the country, indicating that nothing has happened to cause Tesla to completely stop serving the Taiwan market. Possibly with a factory in Fremont and Giga Texas, the manufacturer wants to focus entirely on deliveries in North America in Q4 2022 so that cars are delivered to customers right away and not delayed by weeks on the way to delivery. Such an approach would make more sense given that with the increase in production, Tesla has encountered problems with logistics and will aim to solve them before the end of 2022.

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