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Tesla Suspends Orders for Model 3 Long Range in North America Due to Long Order List

Tesla Suspends Orders for Model 3 Long Range in North America Due to Long Order List

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Tesla is suspending orders for the Model 3 Long Range in North America as the waiting list is too long. As soon as the manufacturer ramps up production, orders will be enabled again.

It is no secret that Tesla cars are incredibly popular. Waiting lists are so long that buyers often have to wait months before they can receive delivery. This situation creates additional pressure on both the manufacturer and consumers, so the company took additional measures.

On Friday, consumers in North America noticed they could no longer order the Model 3 Long Range from the manufacturer's website. This option was originally unselectable, but the button has now been completely removed. The changes affected only North America, which includes markets such as the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico and did not affect other markets of the manufacturer in the world.

Clearly, at the moment, Model 3 orders in North America are completely dependent on Tesla's Fremont factory, which cannot keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the temporary suspension of orders is due to the fact that the waiting list is very long, so it is obvious that the company must fulfill existing orders. In addition, he said that as soon as Tesla can increase production capacity, the possibility of ordering will open again.

At the moment, the only factory that produces Model 3 for North America is Fremont. Tesla's second factory in the US, Giga Texas, currently only produces Model Y and, according to a Q2 2022 report, no production lines for Model 3 are planned there yet.

It is not yet known how the production capacity will be increased, but it has recently been observed that Tesla may have started an expansion near the Fremont factory. On the site, across the street from the factory, two new office buildings have been demolished and the site is being prepared for construction. Documents filed by Tesla earlier this year also point to a planned expansion.

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