Tesla Teases Cybertruck Crash Test Video

Tesla Teases Cybertruck Crash Test Video

Image: Tesla

Tesla teases Cybertruck crash test video. The moment of the collision is not shown, which is a great April Fool's joke. However, like any other vehicle that goes on public roads, the pickup truck still succumbed to a series of crash tests, the results of which will sooner or later become known.

Tesla has shared a new video showing the first Cybertruck crash test through their Twitter account. The 37-second video shows from various angles the electric pickup truck moving towards a wall with which it is about to collide. However, the collision never happens. Several dozens of spectators behind protective glass are watching what is happening. Some of them are smiling, others are covering their ears with their hands in preparation for the loud bang of impact. Elon Musk also shared this video on his Twitter account with the caption “Wait for it...”

Today is April Fools' Day and many people took the video as a joke. Obviously, the way the video was presented adds to the humorous nature, as the public never got to see the collision. However, let us not forget that before mass production, Tesla must have carried out a number of crash tests to ensure Cybertruck would provide impeccable protection for its occupants in a collision. All of the manufacturer’s vehicles are designed with safety as a core principle, and Cybertruck is by no means an exception. On the contrary, the pickup truck is super durable and will provide a level of protection that no other Tesla vehicle can provide. Perhaps in the near future, the company will share with the public the continuation of the video, but for now, we can only wait for it.

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