Tesla Tightens Measures Against Employees Who Leak Cybertruck Info

Tesla Tightens Measures Against Employees Who Leak Cybertruck Info

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Tesla is tightening measures against employees who take pictures or videos of Cybertruck. The company's move comes after several videos filmed on the production line—prior to the product's official deliveries—were leaked.

Tesla has always had a strict policy forbidding employees from leaking information about the company. However, now this policy has become even more stringent due to the imminent entry of Cybertruck into the market. Tesla is not very verbose in describing the details and specifications of the pickup truck, which has caused even more interest in the process of its production. Despite the fact that we are all interested in the details, employees, of course, must comply with the requirements of the company, and not leak inside information.

In recent months, several photos and videos of Cybertruck have been leaked that were filmed inside Giga Texas. Some of them even became the cause of moderate discontent among some people. Recently leaked low-quality photos showed that the pickup truck may not have as big of a frunk as some expected. This caused a wave of negative feedback, despite the fact that in reality no one still knows what it will actually be. The production process is still at an early stage and employees are continuing to learn how to build the truck on the new platform.

To protect itself and the production secrets of Cybertruck, Tesla has notified all employees that it is tightening its measures against those who take photos and videos of the truck. According to @TeslaPhx/X, on Friday, the company sent out an email to employees clarifying the details. According to the text, any employee who is caught photographing or filming Cybertruck or anything associated with it without special permission will be removed from the factory immediately. After that, an investigation will follow.

“Unauthorized CT Photos/Videos = Immediate Site Removal

Effective today, any employees or contractors found taking photos of [or] videos on-site of anything related to the Cybertruck (e.g. vehicle, parts, production line, etc.) without an official business need/justification (i.e. dictated by job/scope and validated by Security during initial contact) will be immediately escorted off-site pending HR investigation and follow up contact.

The CT team will issue photo passes/stickers to appropriate personnel in the future to help expedite interactions with Security for business-related photography/videography.”

The security team is already on site, monitoring the effectiveness of compliance with the requirements. A security team vehicle was spotted at a Supercharger in Giga Texas, near two Cybertrucks charging there. The photo was taken by drone operator @peterdog15/X.

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