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Tesla to Add 2nd Shift at Giga Shanghai by Mid-May to Produce Up to 2,600 Vehicles a Day

Tesla to Add 2nd Shift at Giga Shanghai by Mid-May to Produce Up to 2,600 Vehicles a Day

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Tesla will add a second shift to work at Giga Shanghai starting May 16. The ultimate goal is to increase production to 2,600 vehicles per day.

Tesla intends to ramp up production at Giga Shanghai by adding a second shift, which should be up and running by mid-May. The goal is to produce 2,600 vehicles per day, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters. For now, the factory is aiming to restore production to pre-lockdown levels.

Currently, Giga Shanghai operates in one shift with over 6,000 employees. The factory is in a closed-loop production system, which means that employees are in the factory 24 hours a day, working, spending their free time and sleeping inside, in specially designated areas. However, Tesla plans to add a second shift starting May 16.

Reuters estimates that weekly output will be 16,900 vehicles, based on Tesla's established workweek at the facility. This means that Giga Shanghai will be able to produce about 2,400 vehicles per day. It also reflects the achievement of around pre-lockdown production levels.

At the end of March, the factory was forced to suspend work there for three weeks, due to a sharp increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in some large cities and regions of China. This was the longest production shutdown at Giga Shanghai since it opened, so the manufacturer needs to catch up quickly.

This shutdown will have an impact on Tesla's production performance in Q2 2022, however, thanks to the launch of Giga Berlin and Giga Texas, these impacts will be minimized. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the Q1 2022 Earnings Call that the company expects production numbers on the level of Q1 and possibly even more.

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