Tesla to Announce New Nevada Gigafactory to Produce Semi Trucks, State Governor Says

Tesla to Announce New Nevada Gigafactory to Produce Semi Trucks, State Governor Says

Tesla will announce a new Gigafactory in Nevada to produce Semi trucks, the state governor said. The cost of building the factory will be $3.5 billion.

Tesla began the first deliveries of its Semi trucks on December 1, 2022, delivering several dozen to PepsiCo. The production line is located close to its Giga Nevada, however it has a low production capacity and is unlikely to be able to meet the demand for the electric trucks. Tesla Semi is what will revolutionize freight transportation, creating competition not only for diesel trucks but also for trains. However, this requires large production facilities that can cope with the ever-increasing demand for them. Previously it was supposed that Tesla would build Semi at Giga Texas. Later, there were speculations that the company would build a factory for this in Mexico. However, it is likely that production will be set up in the US, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo said in his January 23 State of the State address to Nevada's Assembly and Senate that Tesla plans to invest $3.5 billion in a manufacturing facility in his state, according to The Nevada Independent. According to him, the company will make an official announcement today, January 24, and he will join the event.

“Whether it's closing the lithium loop, unlocking innovation and investment in logistics, entertainment, science and technology, or embracing entrepreneurship, the message is, that Nevada is ready to partner. Case in point… I am looking forward to joining Elon Musk and the team at Tesla tomorrow when they unveil plans to build a brand new $3.5 Billion-dollar advanced manufacturing facility in northern Nevada for the company's all-electric semi-trucks.”

The Governor's words indicate that Tesla will make an important announcement today during a ceremony to be held at the site of the new factory. However, there is no further information about this yet.

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