Tesla to Expand Supercharger Stations by 31% in 2022: A Look at the Anatomy of the World’s Leading Charging Network

Tesla to Expand Supercharger Stations by 31% in 2022: A Look at the Anatomy of the World’s Leading Charging Network

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Tesla continues to increase the number of charging stations around the world, as its car fleet grows by hundreds of thousands annually and this trend will only continue to increase. By the end of 2022, the company plans to expand the Supercharger Network by 31%, and Lease Fetcher decided to study its anatomy.

Tesla has announced plans to expand its existing global Supercharger network by 30.96% by the end of 2022. The company currently has 3,382 Supercharger stations worldwide with over 30,000 stalls, and are planning to build 1,047 more—adding no less than 10,000 new stalls. The car leasing comparison site Lease Fetcher decided to study the anatomy of Tesla's charging station network in order to provide users with comprehensive information.

Most of the funding will go to European countries. Tesla planned to increase the number of Superchargers in the region by 36.5%. This makes a lot of sense as a number of European countries such as Norway and the Netherlands are leading the world in the adoption of electric vehicles. The next country on the list of expansion of charging stations is China, where the manufacturer will direct 33.7% of funding. The U.S. will experience the third largest expansion, as Tesla announced that 23% of additional Superchargers will be added to the U.S. network.

So far, 30,168 stalls have been installed at 3,382 locations around the world, and the U.S. and China account for 68.7% of all Tesla Superchargers. Since the U.S. is Tesla's home country, it should come as no surprise that 40.85%—or 12,325 charging stalls—are concentrated there. China became the first country outside the U.S. where the manufacturer built a factory, so the charging station quantity is also very high there, at 27.85%, or 8,401 stalls.

According to the data, the best chances of finding a free charging stall are in the Netherlands. Here there is the most convenient ratio of the number of stalls per charging station at 15.7 units. Norway follows with 13.5 stalls for each Supercharger. Denmark is in third place with an average of 13 stalls per station. For comparison, in the U.S. this figure corresponds to 10.1 stalls, and in China an average of 7.4.

According to the current data, Canada has the most technologically advanced Supercharger Network in the world with the largest number of new generation, V3 stalls. Currently, 37.4% of the Tesla Supercharger Network are V3 chargers and their benefits are most enjoyed by residents of Canada. 48.1% of all Superchargers in Canada are V3 chargers. Next comes China with 42.9%, followed by South Korea with 42.1%.

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