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Tesla Takes 18%+ EV Market Share in Norway in Q1 with Model Y & Model 3 at Top of List

Tesla Takes 18%+ EV Market Share in Norway in Q1 with Model Y & Model 3 at Top of List

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Tesla shines again in the Norwegian car market. The brand occupied more than 18% EV market share in Q1 2022. Model Y became the best-selling EV, well ahead of the competition, with  Model 3 just behind it in second place.

Tesla's quarterly sales in Norway are once again out of competition. By selling only two car models, the American manufacturer has a disproportionately big share of the market. For the first three months of 2022, Tesla's sales accounted for 18.2% of the share of the entire EV market, according to EU-EVs data. By comparison, Audi, which sold five different models in Norway, is only in second place with a 9.7% market share.

The best-selling EV was Tesla Model Y with an impressive 3,326 registrations at the beginning of the year, twice the sales of its closest competitor from another manufacturer, which is in third place. Right after Model Y, the second best-selling EV was Tesla Model 3 with 1,734 registrations. Volkswagen ID.4 is in third place with 1,705 registrations. Hyundai IONIQ 5 is in fourth place with 1,522 registrations. Closing out the top 5 is BMW IX with 1,421 registrations.

Tesla, as before, demonstrates a strong position in Norway, continuing to attract with its cars. Model Y is a highly desirable vehicle there, as it is more suited to the local climate and roads while being attractively priced for a car in the compact SUV class. Already now, Model Y is the most coveted EV and will certainly compete for the title of the best-selling car in Norway. After Giga Berlin ramps up production, the country's market will no doubt be flooded with Tesla's compact SUV.

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