Tesla Took the Crown in the US Luxury Car Market in 2022, Easily Surpassing BMW & Mercedes-Benz

Tesla Took the Crown in the US Luxury Car Market in 2022, Easily Surpassing BMW & Mercedes-Benz

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Tesla took the crown in the US luxury car sector in 2022, easily surpassing BMW and Mercedes-Benz, leaving them in the dust. Tesla increased sales by 41% year over year, while competitors registered a decrease in sales.

Along with the increase in production at Tesla factories, the company continues to grow, producing more and more cars every year. This makes it possible to expand sales markets and deliver more and more cars to consumers. Tesla's sales in the US are increasing every year and in 2022, the brand achieved huge success, proving its strength and the superiority of electric vehicles over the gasoline dinosaurs.

Tesla, which sells only four car models, was number one in the US luxury car market in 2022, according to Experian (via Automotive News). In the 12 months of last year, Tesla registered 484,351 new vehicles. This was an impressive success as the manufacturer was able to increase its sales by 41% compared to the previous year. Tesla beat its closest competitor by a staggering 156,422 units, leaving it no chance of winning.

It was a crushing defeat for all other luxury car manufacturers. Far behind Tesla, with 327,929 units sold, BMW came in second. This showed a 5.3% decrease in sales compared to 2021, which is not a good signal. Even further behind, Mercedes-Benz was in third place with 269,511 units, almost unchanged from a year earlier. Overall, the US luxury car market is down 2.5% from 2021.

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