Tesla Unlocks Downtown Toronto FSD Beta Geofencing in Version 10.69.3

Tesla Unlocks Downtown Toronto FSD Beta Geofencing in Version 10.69.3

Image: @ByeonChansoo/Twitter

As promised by Elon Musk, Tesla has unlocked the FSD Beta geofence in downtown Toronto, in version 10.69.3. Now testers can drive around the city without restrictions.

In the spring of 2022, Tesla expanded its FSD beta program to Canada. However, driving in downtown Toronto still required a human driver as the software did not work there. After the vehicle was in the restricted area, it transferred control to the driver. This is a small area of ​​the city, however it causes inconvenience to some local testers.

This geofence for Toronto downtown was designated due to some features. In particular, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) trams run here. They move on rails located right in the middle of the road and perform maneuvers that are significantly different from standard vehicles on public roads. Obviously, this uniqueness added a lot more complexity, and the company needed more time to train the cars to drive in such conditions.

Tesla recently started rolling out FSD Beta 10.69.3. @ByeonChansoo/Twitter reported that, as Musk previously promised, along with a new software update, geofence for Toronto downtown has been completely unlocked for driving. He shared a photo taken while the car with the activated FSD Beta was in downtown.

At the moment, FSD Beta 10.69.3 has not yet been deployed to all testers. Musk said the wide rollout will happen gradually. In addition, Tesla has already released FSD Beta V11 with a single stack, which is tested only in a very narrow circle of testers. The wide release of the long-awaited version is scheduled for December.

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