Tesla Ups Giga Shanghai Exports by 34% YoY to Record High 54,504 Units in October

Tesla Ups Giga Shanghai Exports by 34% YoY to Record High 54,504 Units in October

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Tesla increased its exports from Giga Shanghai by 34% year on year to 54,504 units. The company topped the list of manufacturers with the largest exports of electric vehicles in China.

Last week, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released automakers' delivery figures for October, reporting that Tesla Giga Shanghai delivered 71,704 vehicles. The new report showed more detailed data, broken down into imports and exports. According to the information, out of 71,704 vehicles registered in October, 54,504 were exported.

This means that exports were at a record high, up 34 percent from 40,666 units in the same period last year. In addition, this is an increase of 887 percent compared to the 5,522 units exported in September. The previous record was set in August 2022 when 42,463 vehicles were exported. Domestically, Tesla delivered 17,200 vehicles in October.

Tesla operates according to the standard scheme and exports cars manufactured at Giga Shanghai in the first half of the quarter. Thus, they have time to be delivered to customers in distant countries before the end of the quarter. In the second half of the quarter, the factory focuses on deliveries to the Chinese market, as it takes significantly less travel time than delivery to other countries.

But, it seems that Tesla may be looking to get away from the old delivery system and distribute deliveries more evenly during the year. The recent decline in the price of its vehicles in China, as well as the provision of more generous insurance incentives for orders placed before the end of November, indicate that the company plans to significantly increase the number of deliveries in the domestic market during the quarter, and, at the same time, have many cars on the way to be delivered to distant countries at the beginning of the next quarter. This will reduce the load on logistics at the end of each quarter. This approach was made possible by the expansion of Giga Shanghai's production capacity, so switching to a new delivery scheme, if actually planned, could happen relatively quickly.

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