Tesla Urges New Yorkers to Support Direct Sales of EVs in the State, as Adoption Is Being Delayed

Tesla Urges New Yorkers to Support Direct Sales of EVs in the State, as Adoption Is Being Delayed

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Tesla urges New Yorkers to support direct sales of EVs in the state. With the most stringent climate law in the country, New York lags far behind other states in terms of EV adoption.

Tesla again turned to its customers with a request to support the introduction of EVs. The company asked to encourage the governor and legislative leaders to find a solution that would allow Tesla and other EV makers to sell EVs directly to consumers in New York without the artificial restrictions that are currently in place.

In 2014, a law was passed that protects car dealers, but does not comply with consumer protection, in line with today's realities. With a direct selling model, Tesla is limited to only five stores in the entire state, which is far from sufficient to meet consumer needs. As a result, many New Yorkers are forced to travel long distances or to go out-of-state to buy the nation's best-selling electric vehicles.

New York State has the strictest climate law in the country, but actually ranks 23rd in terms of per capita electric vehicle adoption. For example, Florida allows direct sales with no restrictions and has 50% more electric vehicle registrations per capita than New York, simply because it is easier to buy an EV there, Tesla points out. The company is urging New Yorkers to act and change the current situation.

If Tesla and other EV manufacturers get permission to sell directly to consumers in the state, New Yorkers will have the freedom to buy any EV they choose, without having to leave the state or travel long distances to do so. The move will also encourage innovative electric vehicle companies to bring jobs and income to New York.

Tesla urges New Yorkers to send a message to Governor Hochul and NY Senate and Assembly leadership thanking them for considering support of direct sales in New York, explaining what this bill will mean for them as electric car owners and New Yorkers.

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