Tesla Will Raise FSD Price as it Approaches Level 4 Autonomy

Tesla Will Raise FSD Price as it Approaches Level 4 Autonomy

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Tesla will raise the Full Self-Driving (FSD) price on January 17 as it approaches autonomy Level 4. Over time, the price will continue to rise as the company introduces an exclusive feature that can significantly improve the quality of life for humanity.

Tesla will raise the cost of its unique FSD feature by $2,000 on January 17, from $10,000 to $12,000, CEO of the company Elon Musk announced via his Twitter account. The company acts in accordance with the previously announced strategy and increases the price in accordance with the achieved progress. The $2,000 price increase indicates that Tesla has made a new round of progress and is even closer to achieving its goal.

At the moment, the price increase will only affect the United States, as there is access to the widest range of FSD functions and the owners will be the first to get the opportunity to use all the updates released by the company in the future. Musk explained that this price increase is due to the fact that the company is much closer to the FSD production code release, which means that soon the owners of the function in the U.S. will have access to a completely new level of driving.

Over the past years, Tesla has been actively striving to make its vehicles fully self-driving. In the fall of 2020, huge success was achieved and the company began distributing FSD Beta to some owners to collect as many miles of data as possible and improve the software. For more than one year, thousands of testers have worked daily to "train" neural networks, providing the company with information about their rides.

Tesla has made incredible progress to date and testers with the current FSD Beta V10.8 are delighted with the driving experience. According to Musk, V10.9 may be released in about a week, which coincides with the timeframe to raise the price of FSD in the U.S. This indicates that with the new version, the company is confident of significant progress. However, it seems that with V11, which could be released as early as February, FSD will move into a whole new league.

According to Musk, FSD Beta is not that good at this point, in part because it still uses a separate stack for city streets and highway traffic. Moving to a single FSD stack requires a huge amount of neural network training, which Tesla's team is currently doing. According to the head of the company, V11 will have a single software stack that will combine city and highway, as well as many other architectural upgrades.

All of this is driving Tesla closer to a new level of autonomy, and the company is expected to reach Level 4 in 2022. In late 2021, Musk took part in the Lex Fridman podcast, where he talked a little about it. He said the company could reach Level 4 autonomy in 2022. Musk pointed out that the rate of disengagement has been dropping rapidly in FSD Beta and it is likely to achieve a significantly lower rate of accidents than an average human by next year.

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