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Tesla's Voice Drive Notes in FSD Beta V11: How It Works

Tesla's Voice Drive Notes in FSD Beta V11: How It Works

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Tesla has begun rolling out the long-awaited FSD Beta v11.3.1 with a single-stack for highway and city driving. Along with this update, the company provided a new way to submit feedback to Tesla: Voice Drive Notes.

Tesla's Voice Drive Notes allow drivers to record an audio message describing the reason for the Autopilot disengagement. The ability to do this by voice is more convenient and safer for testers. Previously, a snapshot button appeared on the car's screen, which allowed drivers to flag certain situations when Autopilot was not working. Now, this button is not available to all but very early beta testers, and Tesla has offered another option to send the reports to the company.

In the latest FSD Beta v11.3.1, the early access testers still have the snapshot button. However, they, as well as all other testers participating in the testing program, have new voice notes available, according to Not A Tesla App. Tesla rolled out Voice Drive Notes along with v11. The new feature allows drivers to add more details to a situation that has occurred.

How does it work?
After an Autopilot disengagement, a window appears on the vehicle screen asking what happened. It displays a suggestion for the driver to share a short voice note. Audio recording is limited to 10 seconds.

Autopilot Disengaged. What Happened?

Press voice button to send Tesla an anonymous message describing your experience.

Drivers can then press the right scroll wheel or microphone button on refreshed Model S/X (the same one used to activate voice commands) and report the disconnect. The whole process takes place in such a way that the driver does not even take their hands off the steering wheel. Once the voice note has been successfully sent, Tesla will display a confirmation on the screen.

Tesla says the voice notes will be anonymous. This means that they will not be tied to a specific car. Most likely, the audio will be transcribed into text to make it easier for Tesla engineers to process.

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