The Boring Company Burnt Hair Update

The Boring Company Burnt Hair Update

Wanting to smell Burnt Hair?  
Well you soon will have the opportunity to smell it! The fragrance Burnt Hair, from a company that digs holes, has sold out 30,000 Bottles. 

The Boring Company has now recently hinted about this Burnt Hair Fragrance coming soon to those who have orders. 

The Burnt Hair Product, “Scent of the Century” according to an email sent out to customers, just may be coming in a few weeks. 


Stay close to your inbox over the next few weeks for major updates on your shipment and what to expect from the scent of the century. — Team BH

The initial announcements for the Burnt Hair Fragrance, by Singed, was teased by Elon Musk late September 2022 and offered early October.


Three follow-up emails have happened since the offer for those who purchased. The first confirming order and shipment Q1 2023, the second email sent in November giving an update that the fragrance will ship early 2023, and a third sent the 9th of January letting customers know to it may be shipping in the next few weeks and to confirm shipping addresses. 

(Confirmation Order Email)

(Second Email) 

For those questioning if the Google link to confirm shipping address is valid, The Boring Company has been confirmed it to be real. 


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