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Posted updates on thoughts and ideas about the Boring Company have been recently tweeted by Elon Musk, the CEO of TBC, on Twitter. Elon replied to one of his older tweets a poll from 2018. 

The current Boring Company momentous project in Las Vegas is proficiently covering ground connecting major travel locations in this world renowned city. The Airport, Convention Center and at least 52+ casinos, and more major landmarks have or will have personalized connection hubs to the Boring Tunnels. The tunnels are comprised of unground transportation Loops and shuttling bases. 

Elon also alluded to a possible San Antonio (Texas) and Austin (Texas) “Hyperloop” tunnel idea connecting the two cities. A tunnel for strictly Hyperloop is an exciting possibility.

The Hyperloop, as stated on The Boring Company website, is explained to be; 

Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed public transportation system in which passengers travel in autonomous electric pods at 600+ miles per hour. Boring Company tunnels support both Loop and Hyperloop systems.


In The Boring Company designs, there are Loops and there are Hyperloops. Note, the Hyperloop, is not Teslas in a Loop tunnel but rather a high speed bullet train like system in a Boring Company tunnel. The standard Hyperloop model used has proven to be physically efficient as stated by Elon on Twitter. 



The Boring Company is definitely covering ground on current projects in multiple locations and has some great future projects underway. One can view ongoing projects and tunnel designs on TBC website, The Boring Company

If you would like to experience TBC tunnels, one can purchase a ticket in Las Vegas at one of the current running Loop stations in operation. Doge Coin, a crypto currency, can even be used to purchase a ticket. 

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