Twitter 2.0 Announces its Continued Commitment to the Public Conversation

Twitter 2.0 Announces its Continued Commitment to the Public Conversation
Twitter 2.0 announces its continued commitment to the public conversation. The updated company continues “to promote and protect the public conversation--to be the town square of the internet.”

On November 30, Twitter 2.0 made an update on the current situation by posting on its blog. The company said the new Twitter's mission is “to promote and protect the public conversation--to be the town square of the internet.” The platform team understands that in order to achieve this goal, they must enable everyone to create and share ideas and information instantly and without barriers. The new team has formed a new company and is embarking on a new chapter, with an unwavering commitment to the mission. Now the team has more opportunities to realize their ambitions than ever before, the blog says.

The company said it understands that its business and earnings are intertwined with its mission; they rely on each other. Brand safety is only possible when human safety is a top priority. All this remains true today.

However, with the update, Twitter's approach to experimentation has changed. As all active users of the platform may have noticed, over the past few weeks, Twitter has been conducting public testing. The company said it believes this open and transparent approach to innovation is beneficial as it allows them to move faster and capture user feedback in real time. A service as important as Twitter would benefit from feedback at scale, and in the process being open about its experiments and what they are learning. The main goal of all these efforts is “to improve Twitter for our customers, partners, and the people who use it across the world.”

In doing this work, the Twitter team wanted to reassure everyone of a few things:
  • First, none of its policies have changed. The company's approach to policy enforcement will rely more heavily on de-amplification of violative content: freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.
  • Twitter Trust & Safety team continues its diligent work to keep the platform safe from hateful conduct, abusive behavior, and any violation of Twitter's rules. The team remains strong and well-resourced, and automated detection plays an increasingly important role in eliminating abuse.
  • When urgent events manifest on the platform, the team ensures that all content moderators have the guidance they need to find and address violative content.
  • As the platform improves its policies and processes, bad actors will also develop new methods of disruption. Twitter's team of experts is constantly adapting to identify and defuse threats, and are proud of its early results: impressions on violative content are down over the past month, despite the growth in overall usage on the platform.
  • Finally, as the platform embarks on this new journey, it will make mistakes, it will learn, and it will also get things right. Throughout, it will communicate openly with its users and customers, to get and share their feedback as the platform build.

In addition, Twitter remains committed to providing a safe, inclusive, entertaining, and informative experience for everyone. Its team will continue to be transparent while going through this transition period. They said they would listen to the people who make Twitter what it is: the town square of the internet.

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