Twitter Reports Decrease in Impressions of Toxic Tweets Containing Slurs

Twitter Reports Decrease in Impressions of Toxic Tweets Containing Slurs

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Twitter has released an update on progress toward reducing hate speech on the platform. The data show that Twitter has achieved a reduction in impressions of toxic tweets containing slurs.

On Saturday, Twitter released an update on the work being done toward reducing hate speech on the platform. The company has previously clarified that the context of each statement matters, and obviously not all slurs are used with hate. This issue has been repeatedly raised by Twitter users who have been trying to find out if their use of slurs as an expression of admiration, quotes, in funny images, etc. ccould lead to their limitation on the platform. Clearly, Twitter understands the importance of context and is working to reduce hate speech with that in mind.

Twitter said it is continuing to work to reduce the reach (number of impressions) of hate speech on Twitter. The platform explained that when it detects a slur and determines it is being used in a negative way (which is what the company means by “toxic”), it avoids recommending that content to most users. Such tweets may still be shown to the followers of the account that tweet them, as well as to people who search for them. That is, impressions of this content will never be zero.

Despite this, over the past week, toxic content exposures accounted for less than 0.015% of all English-language tweet impressions on the platform, which is an excellent result. Twitter said overall impressions from tweets that contain slurs in English have stabilized and remain below their baseline set prior to Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform. The team updated the y-axis scale they used previously and determined that actual impressions are even lower than previously reported.

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