Twitter Working on Long-Form Tweets, Elon Musk Confirms

Twitter Working on Long-Form Tweets, Elon Musk Confirms

The deep transformation of Twitter continues and the team is working on introducing new features. Elon Musk revealed that the platform is working on the awaited and requested long-form tweets feature.

Twitter was originally developed as a short messaging platform. However, over time, users could not be satisfied with having only 140 characters to express their thoughts and opinions, or shared information. Over time, as Twitter evolved, the maximum tweet length grew to 280 characters, which was an improvement but still severely limited users and prevented the platform from developing in other directions.

For several years, users have been asking for an increase in the number of characters, but they never received it. This results in users who want to share longer thoughts or information being forced to post long threads, sometimes consisting of dozens of tweets that are hard to read. That is why some pieces of information often go unheard. Anyone who has posted long threads noticed that the first tweet received the most interactions, while their number often dropped in follow-up tweets. It is worth noting that the ability to read long threads as solid text was possible, but only for users who had a paid subscription.

As the new owner, Elon Musk sees huge potential for Twitter to become a news platform, and so he is working to lift the existing limits on tweet length. According to his statement, he is working on enabling long-form tweets.

This way, citizen journalists, or people who want to share important information, will be able to publish it in one tweet. This will make the information more readable by other users and contribute to the overall awareness of Twitter users. Longer tweets were a deeply underestimated opportunity for the platform to grow, and company executives ignored its potential for years.

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