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Gel Enhanced Latex Seat Cushion
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Gel Enhanced Latex Sitzkissen

    1. Unterstützt das Steißbein und entlastet den Druck: Das ergonomisch geformte Sitzkissen bietet maximalen Halt und Komfort, reduziert den Druck auf das Steißbein / Steißbein und fördert eine gesunde Körperhaltung.
    2. Bietet Schmerzen im unteren Rückenbereich und Linderung von Ischias. Unterstützt die Heilung von Rückenproblemen, Bandscheibenvorfällen, Steißbeinverletzungen, Ischias und anderen Wirbelsäulenproblemen.
    3. Rutschfester Gummiboden, um ein Verrutschen während der Fahrt zu verhindern.
    4. Gesundes, nachhaltiges und komfortables Material: 100% Naturlatexschaum mit Kühlgel
    1. 5 Vorteile von Naturlatexschaum
    2. Schmerzlinderung
    3. Hypoallergen und wartungsarm
    4. Umweltfreundlich
    5. Atmungsaktiv
    6. Dauerhaft

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ray Gill (Seattle, US)
Look and feel comfy

Extended period sitting is better now in any car with these add-ons

Fred Solis (San Jose, US)

Lumbar Support Latex Back Pillow

W.M. (Palm Desert, US)

Works as demonstrated in the video and our two dogs love it. It's super easy to set up and take down and it really protects the car and keeps it clean. Highly recommend!

Thomas Abell (Carlisle, US)
Literal game changer

A few years ago I purchased a natural latex mattress. Best decision I ever made. When I read about this natural latex back support, I purchased it immediately. I am off the chart happy with my purchase. Nothing beats natural rubber for support. I have since purchased a latex pad to sit on. The combination of the two are unbeatable.

Larry Dozier (Colorado Springs, US)
Nice cushion

Great cushion for long trips especially with my bad back

Joan Beavin (Greenbrae, US)
Great cushion

It’s comfortable, stays in place and raised me up higher as I wanted. Very happy v

Robert Dixon (Glen Cove, US)
Nice Back Support Pillow

Nothing fancy about this back support pillow - comfortable, well-constructed, does what it needs to for a very reasonable price. Bought to add support in a desk chair and car seat - works as desired in both instances.

Michael Supancich (Carlsbad, US)
Passenger seat requires lumbar support

Since Elon in his wisdom saved a few dollars eliminating the passenger seat lumbar support I needed to purchase this latex pillow lumbar support because I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. It works well.

MaryJacolyn Pavlak (Port Angeles, US)
Back pillow and seat.

I loved the look and feel and were made very well but they were to big to adjust to my body.

Mike Jacobo (Dublin, US)
Back Pillow and Seat Cushion

Easy Install. Good quality. Great lumbar support especially for long road travel.