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2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set
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2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Allwetter-Innenraummatten Hochwandig Fußmatten Komplettset

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    1. Das Design bietet maximalen Schutz für die Tesla Model Y-Böden vor Verschütten, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm, Schnee usw.
    2. Hergestellt aus hochwertigem thermoplastischem Elastomermaterial (dreifach extrudierte TPE-Zusammensetzung), gewährleistet 100% geruchlos, BPA-frei, ungiftig und umweltfreundlich.
    3. Langlebig und stark - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normales PVC.
    4. Das tief geformte Gittermuster leitet alle Verschmutzungen, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm oder Schnee von den Fußraumbereichen weg und erleichtert so die Reinigung.
    5. Die Innenauskleidung des Modells Y All Weather besteht aus hohen vertikalen Wänden im Vergleich zu anderen Fußmatten auf dem Markt.
    6. Ausstattung: 2020-2021 Tesla Modell Y (Version für Linkslenker)

    Das komplette Set enthält 6 Teile:

    1. 1x Fahrerseitenverkleidung
    2. 1x Beifahrerseitenliner
    3. 1x Rücksitzverkleidung
    4. 1x Front Trunk Cargo Liner
    5. 1x Heckkoffer-Frachtliner
    6. 1x hinterer Kofferraumschacht

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1068 reviews
Eric E (Walnut Creek, US)
Great floor mats for my 2021 Model Y

Yes, set them out in the sun for a few minutes to let them flatten out and regain their shape. Then they slide in easily and fit perfectly!

Monique Johnson (San Francisco, US)
Perfect fit

This fit perfectly and we’re easy to install. They are also easy to clean. I’m curious how they compare to some cheaper options but I have no complaints about these. Just wondering if I could have got the same result and spent as much money.

Brian Morrow (Granada Hills, US)
Pretty Good

I bought the whole floor set for my Tesla Model Y as well as the car cover. The mats are decent, they’re good quality material and have been holding up well against some basic abuse. The velcro that is taped onto the mats however, keep falling off. When I remove the mats for cleaning the velcro will often still be stuck to the Tesla. I simply added some extra sticky double sided tape to resolve this issue. The fit of these mats also seems a bit off, especially for the main trunk liner. It seems a tad too long. The other gripe I have is that it is difficult to access the space under the main trunk. When you lift the lid, the mat separates from the lid and it just becomes a little annoying. Accessing the even smaller under portion behind the main bucket portion is almost impossible without removing the mat completely. Overall, these mats are pretty good for the price. You get the whole set and even the car cover for less than the basic Tesla all weather mats.

Jose A Lopez (Waxhaw, US)
Floor Mats

I’m very happy with my purchase, my Tesmanian floor Mats fits perfect. Thank you

Satwinder Boparai (Aurora, US)
Great product

Really nice quality floor mats I highly recommend it thanks. Perfectly fits .

Ethan Huang (Menlo Park, US)

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater)

KN (San Bruno, US)
Almost 5 stars

The full mats set fit was really good. I would have given this set a 5 stars if it wasn't for the rubber having spots on the trunk mat. I wish Tesmanian had done qaulity check and not ship out this bad trunk mat.

Susan Tan (Santa Monica, US)
Perfect Fit

Fits Model Y perfectly! Good quality. Didn’t need to be left out to straighten. I just put it inside the car right after I opened the package and it fit perfectly. Very satisfied with the transaction and product.

Mark Hua (San Jose, US)

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater)

Ashley Sabisch (Berkeley, US)
Great Mats!

These all weather mats fit securely and fashionably into our Model Y. They aren’t too heavy, yet are very sturdy and will hold up nicely to muck dragged into the vehicle. Thank you for designing such great mats!

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