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Tesla Model Y Second Row Seats Back Covers - 01
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Tesla Model Y Zweite Sitzreihe Rückendeckelmatten

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    1. Das Design bietet maximalen Schutz für die Sitze der zweiten Sitzreihe Modell Y, wenn sie umgeklappt oder aufrecht stehen
    2. Hergestellt aus hochwertigem thermoplastischem Elastomermaterial (dreifach extrudierte TPE-Zusammensetzung), gewährleistet 100% geruchlos, BPA-frei, ungiftig und umweltfreundlich.
    3. Langlebig und stark - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normales PVC.
    4. Strukturierte rutschfeste Oberfläche, einfache Reinigung.
    5. Paket beinhaltet: Zweite Reihe Sitze Rückendeckel (links und rechts)
    6. Ausstattung: 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y.
    7. Hinweis: Installieren Sie sie, wenn die Sitze umgeklappt sind

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Customer Reviews

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Barry Rands (San Luis Obispo, US)
Everyone likes these!

These are so easy to install, easy to use, good looking, and sturdy that its no wonder everyone that sees them likes them. At first, I was going to complain that the back latch handle is covered, but now that I have used them, I'm glad there is no holes there to let dirt in. I was considering a competing product, but it was all one piece. I like the way this one allows you to drop one seat or two. Very happy with these.

andy lee (Chino Hills, US)


Dia (Concord, US)

Perfect fit

Timothy DAttile (Indio, US)
Great fit

My favorite part was that the seat backs are held on with integrated Velcro. No ugly straps around the head rests like other brands.

Brian (Brooklyn, US)
Good customer service, so so product

Rec’d two left pieces, customer service responded within 24hr and shipped the right piece immediately. Product itself is so so, not as fitted, not flat, too much curve.

Dennis Carry (Reno, US)
Great floor mats at a great price

The Tesmanian floor mats for my model Y were.easy to install and a nice quality for the price. They are extremely thin and easy to take out and clean. I wish the Velcro was a little more sturdy though. I also purchased the rear seat back covers. I had to cut out all the notches for car seat attachments which I have no use for, but they do make good attachment points. I think they should come already notched out. I’d definitely purchase again.

Darren (Reno, US)
Great protection

Easy to install, keeps my Y clean and like new

Robert kveton (Woodridge, US)

so far works great easy to install does what I was looking for looking at some other products for my model Y

Patrick Ronfeldt (Lenexa, US)

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats (5 or 7 Seater)

Khoi Pham (The Dalles, US)
First Impressions

My first impressions, as I have only had these mats in place 1 day, is that they are of really great quality. The size and fit are superb. I can tell TASMANIAN took a lot of time and effort to get these mats just right.

The 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater) were fantastic! Even at $249.99, these deserve 5 stars.

Design and fit-wise, I feel like the 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats (5 or 7 Seater) were sort of an afterthought. Considering their hefty price of $89.99, the form, fit, design and quality didn't feel like they were up to par with the Full Floor Mats. For this product, we give them 3 stars.