1885 PSI 1.3 GPM Corded Electric Pressure Washer

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  • Funktion
    1. Dieser elektrische Druckwäscher liefert bis zu 1885 PSI an kraftstoffsaubere Fahrzeuge, Mauern und Yard-Geräte.
    2. Heavy Duty und Multi-Purpose, dieser Druck-Unterlegscheibe verfügt über einen Aluminium-Hochdruckschlauch für Haltbarkeit und 4 Stück Verlängerungsdüsen.
    3. Leicht und Tragbar, diese Druckscheibe verfügt über einen Druckschlauch über 16 ft lang mit 4 Int. Durchmesser Räder für leichte Beweglichkeit.


    1. Motor: Brush Motor
    2. Durchflussrate: 1.3 GPM
    3. Maximaler Druck (PSI): 1885 psi
    4. Leistung: 1800W
    5. AC-Volt: 110V
    6. Schlauchlänge = 16 ft.
    7. Netzkabel = 35 ft.


    Zubehör inklusive
    1. Spritzpistole
    2. Aluminium Hochdruckschlauch
    3. 4 Stück Verlängerungsdüsen
    4. Waschmittelflasche mit niedrigem Druck
    5. Filter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Arunabh Sekhri (South Orange, US)

I used it only once and was fairly easy to assemble and use .if it lasts for few years , it will be worth the price

MaryJacolyn Pavlak (Port Angeles, US)
Pressure Washer

Great size, still unable to use but will soon! Thanks

Barbara Romero (San Diego, US)
Tesla carwash

Great for Tesla carwash

Matt (San Diego, US)
Pressure washer

The strength and functionality is perfect for car wash. I washed my Tesla with it, and it was safe on the paint.

Kendle Templeton (Houston, US)
Great price and great size

Fast shipping and everything I need for my tesla

Joshua Martinez (Moreno Valley, US)
First Power Washer

I’ve never owned a power washer or have even been around one. Using this was very basic and easy to set up. It’s a great power washer and I am now very confident. One thing I will say is that this pressure washer works great on cars but if your thinking of using this around the house, I would say don’t have high hopes. It gets the job done for cars.

Kevin Tse (Charlotte, US)

1885 PSI 1.3 GPM Corded Electric Pressure Washer

Halbert Slagle
Pressure washer

Seems a little cheesy but works great. Just wish the pressure washer hose was longer so you don’t have to keep moving the washer from one side of the car to the other. But great product so far.

Masami (Temple City, US)
Great product!

This was my first time purchasing an electric pressure washer, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing this washer is.
It cleaned my Tesla, driveway and walls without hiccups.
It's lightweight, and its wheels and long hose made it convenient to move around.
The long nozzle also made directing the water very convenient.
Overall, I would definitely recommend it.

Tyler Busch (Pomona, US)
Easy to Use Light Duty Pressure Washer

At first look, this power washer seems to be 'small' size for the power it is expected to deliver. But don't judge its performance based on its size.

The pressure washer is really strong and easy to use. It’s small and light, easy to carry around and very convenient.

It is an excellent unit for a moderate pressure machine. Adequate for cleaning your automobile , home's exterior, decking or yard equipment.