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2021-2022 Tesla Model X (6 Seater) Rear Trunk & Trunk Well & Front Trunk Mats Set
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Tesla Model X Allwetter-Kofferraummatten Heckkofferraummatte (5 Sitzer)

    1. Individuelles Design zur Maximierung des Schutzes im hinteren Kofferraum
    2. Premium Quality Thermoplastische Elastomer-Verbindung TPE tri-extrudierte Zusammensetzung sorgt für 100% geruchlos, BPA-frei, ungiftig und umweltfreundlich bei allen Wetterbedingungen.
    3. Stark und langlebig - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normales PVC.
    4. Strukturierte rutschfeste Oberfläche, leicht zu reinigen.
    5. Paket beinhaltet: 1x Hinterer Kofferraum Liner
    6. Ausstattung: Tesla Model X (5 Seater) (Fit bis Juni 2020)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
don le (San Jose, US)

Worth the $$$ for this, but make sure to order and check the items ( how many pcs for the right model we have)
I have one part left over for my X ( 6 seats) and don’t know why. Highly recommend

Doumit BouHaidar (Henrico, US)

Great fit and quality , love it

Dalius K. (San Jose, US)
Amazing Mats for refreshed X!

All mats fits perfectly. Could not be happier for such an excellent product. Was waiting for it for 5 months and it’s finally here. 5 stars!

Mo Aleem (McKinney, US)
Tesla model x

Mats fit like a glove esp for the back, 6 seater setup! Real heavy duty feel and we’ll worth the money.

Babatunde Ogunnaike
Best Floor Mats!

Fits extremely well. Excellent quality. Very happy with this purchase.

Robert (Sevierville, US)


Grover Greer (Arvada, US)
Great quality and perfect fit

Looked at other options and so glad I got these. Awesome quality and cut perfect for my X Plaid. Couldn’t be happier.

Anthony Roth (Bryn Mawr, US)
Nice Mats

Mats are very nice but a bit squeaky bc the material is a bit hard/stiff, unlike the OEM material which is softer, nicer IMO, but they (Tesla) only offer the front seats. Tasmanian does offer broader coverage in front seat, however.

Edan Liu (Chicago, US)
2022 Model X Floor Mats Full Set

This fits excellent on my 2022 Model X. I highly recommend!

Alex F (Pleasanton, US)
Great floor mats for X plaid

Everything fit quite well and look great without any logos. Easy to clean and not too bulky. Having some trouble with securing mats for 3rd row seat backs but customer service is taking care or it.