2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Allwetter-Kofferraummatten

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    1. Das Design bietet maximalen Schutz für die Tesla Model Y-Böden vor Verschütten, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm, Schnee usw.
    2. Hergestellt aus hochwertigem thermoplastischem Elastomermaterial (dreifach extrudierte TPE-Zusammensetzung), gewährleistet 100% geruchlos, BPA-frei, ungiftig und umweltfreundlich.
    3. Langlebig und stark - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normales PVC.
    4. Das tief geformte Gittermuster kanalisiert alle Verschmutzungen, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm oder Schnee für eine einfache Reinigung.
    5. Ausstattung: 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y.

    Paket beinhaltet:

    1. 1x Frontkofferraummatte
    2. 1x Heckkofferraummatte
    3. 1x hinterer Heckkofferraummatte


Using Model Y floor mats offers several benefits and advantages for Tesla Model Y owners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2442 reviews
Derek P (Florida, United States)
Trunk mat. Perfect fit, great quality

Model Y trunk mat is better than I expected for the price. Fits great and looks really nice. A no brainer if you plan to throw stuff in the back.

Dakota Flanagin (New York, United States)
Looks nice,

I do like the way the mud flaps look on my Tesla, how ever I do feel the fit could be a little tighter, overall I am satisfied.

Matthew Dubik (Illinois, United States)
Better than expected.

I was worried that they weren’t going to fit well. I received them in nice packaging and placed them in. After a day in the car they fit like a glove.


It does the job but it does not fit quite as well as I had hoped.

Stephen R. Shelley (Florida, United States)
Looks good and quality, small gaps on seat backs

The floor liner fits snug, perfect, with a crease that allows easy access to under storage. Quality is good. Quality on seat backs also good but slightly small leaving a half inch gap between the panels. My guess is this was done for seats to fold down without rub. Could have done this with smaller gap, 1/4" gap at most. Overall satisfied and recommended.

Jesse Raskauskas (Washington, United States)
Kids and dog Proof. Lol

So I am so happy about my purchase. It lowered my stress level, knowing the car is protected from rambunctious from my kids and our family dog.

Sam Khan (Washington, United States)
Great value

Great value to price ratio. I would recommend to a friend.

Alan Ho (California, United States)
Fits like a glove

This just fits so well, and looks so good

Peter Drake (Delaware, United States)

2020-2024 Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Mat Liner (5 Seater)

Austin McQueen (Mississippi, United States)
Great mats !

Loving the mats! Great quality!