2021 Tesla Modell 3 Bodenmatten voller Set

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    1. Individuelles Design, um den Schutz der Fahrzeugböden vor Verschmutzungen, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm, Schnee und mehr zu maximieren.
    2. Die hochwertige thermoplastische Elastomerverbindung TPE tri-extrudierte Zusammensetzung gewährleistet 100% geruchlos, BPA frei, ungefährlich und umweltfreundlich bei allen Witterungsbedingungen.
    3. Starke und langlebige - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normale PVC.
    4. Tief geformte Laufflächenmuster Kanäle alle Lecks, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm oder Schnee weg von Fußgängerzonen.
    5. Texturierte rutschfeste Oberfläche, leicht zu reinigen.
    6. Farbe: Schwarz
    7. Ausstattung: 2021 Tesla Modell 3 (Linkshand Drive Version)


    Komplettes Set enthält sechs Stück:

    1. 1x Side Liner
    2. 1x Passagier Side Liner
    3. 1x Rückenlehne
    4. 1x Front Trunk Cargo Liner
    5. 1x hintere Transportbehälter
    6. 1x Hinterer Behälter für Staugut


Utilizing TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Model 3 Floor Mats offers a range of benefits and advantages for Tesla Model 3 owners

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1404 reviews
oaktown5 (California, United States)

Fit perfectly and are nicer than anticipated.

Elm,Jr. (New Jersey, United States)
2024 Tesla model 3, Highlander second row seats back cover mats.

The products work beautifully in conjunction with the rear trunk floor mats. I highly recommend these products.

William Lazarus (New York, United States)

these mats don’t fit the front seat


For the price u can’t beat it but i feel they should have kept the high edges to prevent spillage and more coverage on the sides. The back seat mats literally have little to no lip so spills will just drip into the carpet. The fronts have a bit of lip but not how there 2023 versions were for the model 3 which i personally liked. Some people don’t care but if im buying weather mats its obviously to contain the dirt,grime and fluids. I might return them and go yeslak or taptes. If price wasn’t an option ide just go 3d max spider. There 2023 version was actually beter than the 3d max spider in my opinion but there redited version was disappointing

Take this with a grain of salt. Totally unbiased and just judging by my needs and wants.

Lindsay Anderson
Perfect fit!

These floor mats are durable and fit each floor space like a glove. They are not super rugged looking, and that’s what I wanted as to not take away from the sporty sleekness of the interior of my Tesla.

@spark.bait (California, United States)
Perfect fit!

This mat is a great sub trunk saver! Fits like a glove and easy to clean.

Jodie B (North Carolina, United States)
Great fit on the new 2024 Model 3

Good quality and price.

Timothy Stafford (Tennessee, United States)
Solid product

They are good quality and install easily. I’d recommend them.

Terry N. (Hawaii, United States)
Excellent Quality and Fit

Once again Tasmanian comes through with a quality product and excellent fit. Thanks Tas!

Tim Stephens (Florida, United States)
Would be better if they were stronger

The fit is pretty good except the trunk. They would be better if they were stronger, they are a little flimsy without a lot of “heft” so the trunk doesn’t actually lay flat it comes up.