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2021-2022 Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Full Set
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2021 Tesla Modell 3 Bodenmatten voller Set

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    1. Individuelles Design, um den Schutz der Fahrzeugböden vor Verschmutzungen, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm, Schnee und mehr zu maximieren.
    2. Die hochwertige thermoplastische Elastomerverbindung TPE tri-extrudierte Zusammensetzung gewährleistet 100% geruchlos, BPA frei, ungefährlich und umweltfreundlich bei allen Witterungsbedingungen.
    3. Starke und langlebige - 300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normale PVC.
    4. Tief geformte Laufflächenmuster Kanäle alle Lecks, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm oder Schnee weg von Fußgängerzonen.
    5. Texturierte rutschfeste Oberfläche, leicht zu reinigen.
    6. Farbe: Schwarz
    7. Ausstattung: 2021 Tesla Modell 3 (Linkshand Drive Version)


    Komplettes Set enthält sechs Stück:

    1. 1x Side Liner
    2. 1x Passagier Side Liner
    3. 1x Rückenlehne
    4. 1x Front Trunk Cargo Liner
    5. 1x hintere Transportbehälter
    6. 1x Hinterer Behälter für Staugut

Customer Reviews

Based on 486 reviews
Dixie Matlock (Houston, US)
Tesla floor mats

Fantastic fit and look.

C. Salazar (Quito, EC)
Well made second set ordered from Tasmanian

Ordered our first set for our Model Y and they have been working well! So well, I ordered a set for my upcoming Model 3. They fit in the car perfectly, are easy to clean, look good and are the right price for the entire set. I would highly recommend these for the model 3 or the model y!

Yuri Klepach (Willingboro, US)
Excellent floor mats!

I have used Tesla original floor mats & they don't prevent dort f moisture into getting on the carpet. On the driver's side the split between the brake & dead pedals also is where my heel sits. With Tesmanian floor mats all these concerns are resolved! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to preserve the condition of their car's interior.

Michael Cecere (Princeton Junction, US)

Fit perfect, affordable, very durable.

Ryan Van Wie (Yorba Linda, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Interior Liners

Dan (Birdsboro, US)
They remove reviews

I am giving this 5 star so everyone else can see this. I had a terrible experience with the quality of these products. I wanted to let everyone know that they remove reviews from 1 to 3 stars.

Vibol (Milpitas, US)
Perfect fit

Perfect fitment for Model 3.

Anthony Disciascio (Norwood, US)
Blown Away - What A Fit!

I am not someone who writes reviews often but I felt necessary after seeing how amazing these mats are. I read countless reviews, YouTube videos, etc looking for mats that a perfect fit and looked like they came from the factory. So after my research I decided to give Tesmanian a try since they were priced really well and had great reviews. I thought it was impossible but these actually exceeded my expectations… they fit soo well, that it almost seems as that is the OEM floor of the car! I had friends, once I pointed out the new mats, said that They didn’t even know there was any mats in the car. Other than the amazing fit, the protection is unrivaled… the side go up significantly to cover any splashes, grooves to hold spills and what I really liked, they had extended protect in the spot leading up to door sill which usually gets nicked up getting in and out of the car.
If you are hesitating buying these for your Model3… DON’T! I promise these are worth it!

Andrew Harville
M3 Floor Mats

Very nice mats. They didn’t fit perfectly like they do in the Model Y but pretty close.

Kevin Braband (Alameda, US)
Love the Matt’s.

We first purchased these mats for our Model Y. We love the fit and protection. So we decided to get some for our 2018 Model 3. Never looking back!