2021 Tesla Modell S Glasdach Sonnenschirm

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  • 2021 Tesla Modell S Glasdach Sonnenschirm
    1. Benutzerdefinierte Design-Sonnenschirm für Tesla-Modell-Glasdach
    2. Gemacht mit leichten Mesh-Stoff mit einem zusammenklappbaren steifen Rahmen
    3. Dauerhaft und reduziert effektiv die Wärmeübertragung in die Kabine
    4. Leicht abnehmbar, wird das Modell Y Sunshade mit Clips auf dem Inneren des Glases installiert
    5. Der Sonnenschutz ist zusammenklappbar und in der angegebenen Beutel lagern
    6. Eine zusätzliche UV / Wärmedämmung reduziert die Wärmeübertragung weiter in die Kabine
    7. Kommt mit 2 selbstklebenden Magneten, um das Sunshade-Sinn-Problem zu beheben
    8. Fassung: 2021 Tesla Modell S
    9. Jedes Paket verfügt über 1 Sonnenschirm, 1 Silber / schwarzer UV-Bildschirm, 2 selbstklebende Magnete und 8 Montageclips

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
JC Wither (Aurora, US)
As advertised

Goes in easily enough, primary device is the shade, then secondary device has a reflective side and a matte black side that attaches via elastic bands.
I recommend you sew in the plastic clips or else they pop off too easily when taking the shade(s) down.

Carlos Arzola (Spring Valley, US)

Great product

Omar Sanchez (Juarez, MX)
Great service

Had an issue a 1 package missing. Contact customer service by email and had a response the next day. They started the missing package with FedEx and started the process of shipping me another set of floormats. Missing package arrived 2 days later and there was no need to send another set. Awesome customer service!
The floormats are great quality and fit perfectly. Thank you Tesmanian

DG Mason (Healdsburg, US)

Exactly what I was looking for to block the sun!

Dan Meier (Brentwood, US)

Well designed. Would like to have had instalation instructions.

Lewis Kanter (Camarillo, US)
Great fitting shades

Great product that fits well

Thomas Shull (Indialantic, US)
Great addition to a great car!

Definitely helps cut the glare and heat a lot!!!

Nicholas Leuci (Woodland Hills, US)

Ford Mustang Mach-E Glass Roof Sunshade

Kenneth Kwan (Los Angeles, US)
2021-2022 Tesla Model S Glass Roof Sunshade

The sunshade was fitted well and served the purpose. To have a total heat blockage one should also put a car cover on the car otherwise the car’s cabin heat protection will be activated i.e. the cool air will be circulated inside the car to keep it from overheating above a certain temperature. (105 F).
Consequently the car’s battery will be drained accordingly.

e.m. (Belmont, US)
Great Mach-E roof sunshade, includes an additional fabric heat reflector

Installs easily, seems to say in place securely & fits the glass roof opening well with some minimal mesh wrinkles. The shade itself is a dark mesh which is semi-transparent, but the package includes an additional non-transparent (silver color facing out/black color facing in) cover which can be attached on top of the mesh with elastic corner straps.

The shade is easy to fold and fit into provided storage bag. I use it only during hot months and remove & store it late mid/fall, so the storage bag is handy.

The shade comes with 8 mounting clips. 8 clips is enough to secure it to the headliner, but I wouldn't mind to have some extras. First of all, there are some long spans of the frame between clips which may eventually sag, second - even if the sagging is not a problem, it would be nice to distribute the load on the soft headliner more evenly with extra clips, and third - the clips are easy to break and loose if you are installing/removing/ the shade frequently and they are likely to get brittle after prolonged exposure to sun.
Tesmanian sells a package of extra clips, but I suspect, half of the cost is shipping, it wouldn't cost that much to double the # of provided clips included in the package.