2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland Door Button Trims - Carbon Print

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  1. Meticulously crafted using precise 1:1 mold casting and authentic Tesla data, these door button trims ensure flawless alignment and consistent curvature. With careful polishing to prevent paint damage, they elevate your Tesla's aesthetic appeal while providing functional enhancement. Their sleek carbon pattern finish adds a sophisticated touch to your vehicle's interior.
  2. Crafted from premium ABS material, these components offer a balance of lightweight construction and durability. They withstand minor impacts without bending and provide exceptional resistance to scratches and high temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance and color retention.
  3. This protective trim effectively guards your car's door button area, preventing stains and scratches for long-lasting durability and pristine appearance.
  4. These trims come with self-adhesive tape at the back, making installation hassle-free. Enjoy stylish upgrades with ease and convenience.
  5. Finish: Carbon Print
  6. Fitment: 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Eddie (New York, United States)
Using this will block usage of FSD (and Autopilot?)

I have a 2024 model 3, when the camera is blocked, the car will complain that the interior camera is covered or blinded and FSD will turn off forcing manual takeover or not engage at all if it was off in the first place.

It does block the camera as intended. But the consequences of it make the car crippled.

Paul Frank (Colorado, United States)
Amazing Fit & Quality

Ok, I don’t love writing reviews and feel like 50% of them are fake but these mats are amazing! They fit perfectly, arrived on time , and were of great quality. Highly recommend!


Comfortable grip and has plenty of coverage. The extended length from previous steering wheel cover I got from Amazon really makes a big difference.


Almost perfect fit. Adhesive tape makes them stick out just a little. Not too obvious but when sliding things out of the trunk it sometimes snags.


Works well and keeps my rear trunk floor clear when I drag and slide things in the trunk. Also easy to apply the adhesive backing.

Alexander Banks

Applying the adhesive back to the to the trunk space is perfect. Easy instillation and protects my rear trunk when I slide bulky items into and out of my car.

lance jackson (California, United States)
Cover is good but why is it needed

Covers the camera well but talent let you drive on autopilot with it covered. So not understanding why it is needed

Eric Cora (California, United States)
Dead simple

This is literally just a laptop camera cover and it works perfect

Mari (California, United States)
It fits the sides only

I thought this went all the way around, but it’s sides only.. great quality though

Alex (California, United States)
Side mirror covers

Leaves different size gaps on both sides, removed and reinstalled a bunch of times with new tape. Scratched my side mirrors but still have gaps no matter how many times I tried. Also, the carbon design on each side is different which sucks. Overall it's not great but usable I guess.