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    1. Maßgeschneidertes Design zur Maximierung des Schutzes der Fahrzeugfußböden vor Ausfällen, Flecken, Schmutz, Schlamm, Schnee und mehr.
    2. Hochwertige thermoplastische Elastomerverbindung TPE tri-extrudierte Zusammensetzung sorgt für 100% geruchsneutral, BPA Free, Non-Toxic und umweltfreundlich bei allen Wetterbedingungen.
    3. Stark und langlebig-300% bessere Temperaturbeständigkeit als normales PVC.
    4. Tiefgegossene Profilmuster Kanäle alle Ausläufer, Flecken, Dreck, Schlamm oder Schnee weg von Fuß-Verkehrsflächen.
    5. Texturierte Skid-resistente Oberfläche, leicht zu reinigen.
    6. Fitment: Ford Mustang Mach-E


    Komplettes Set enthält 4 Stück:

    1. 1x Treiber Side Liner
    2. 1x Passagier Side Liner
    3. 1x Hintere Sitzeinlage
    4. 1x Hintere Rumpflage-Liner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Finny Philip (Austin, US)
Great fitment and product

I'm extremely happy with this. The only thing I wish it could do is that the trunk cover would work in the lowered position.

PB (Palm Coast, US)
Mache E Rear Mat-Great Product at Great Price

Fits perfectly in back of my 2021 Mache E First Edition.
It’s great quality, cut perfectly and is the best price out there !!
Same rear mat at dealer cost $80 bucks more

Josh Hancock (Los Angeles, US)
Great mats

Exactly as advertised. Great quality and fit!

Mitch :) (Irvine, US)
Mats for 2022 Mustang Mache

I am very pleased with the mats I received. Not only are they way more affordable than the Mustang brand but the quality is great too. Thank you! :)

Ali (Bernardsville, US)
Great quality and value

We just got a Ford Mach-E. This was our first purchase from Tesmanian and we're really happy with the quality of the mats. Great value and fits perfectly. We also bought a dog cover and it fits perfectly in both our Mach-E and Tesla M3. Love to see a company that's focused on EVs and quality products!

Customer (Katy, US)
Very Good set of mats!

Overall very good set of mats for my new Mach-E!

e.m. (San Jose, US)
Decent quality Trunk Mat, but only fits trunk shelf in upper position

It's a decent quality trunk liner, one of the few on the market with the shelf handle cutout. I also like how lightweight yet well contoured it is.
The problem for me is that I never use the trunk shelf in upper position, it would cut on available trunk space and this mat doesn't fit with the shelf in its lower position.

The item description should clearly state this fact, there are those who prefer their cargo trunk shelf in upper position and they'll be happy with this mat and others who will avoid unnecessary returns.

Christopher Parsons (Las Vegas, US)
Good product

There was a problem with the fit on my driver side mat however I think as the car gets hotter it will sort of shape into what it needs to be, otherwise very happy

Jerron Williams (Norfolk, US)
great product

fits perfectly

Bosko Bjegovic (Chicago, US)
Excellent for the price

As the title states, Excellent for the price.
The front and the second row floor liners fit great. The trunk one is good but not perfect. The design and the shape need some improvement. Not laying straight.
I hope they last a long time.