Luftfilter HEPA mit Aktivkohle für Tesla Modell Y && Modell 3 (2 Stück)

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TESLA recommends replacing these filters every two years.

    1. Honeycomb Carbon Composite Layer, entworfen, um die Festigkeit des Filterbildschirms zu verstärken.Die gleichmäßige Verteilung der aktivierten Kohlenstoffschicht erhöht auch die Platzverfügbarkeit für die Filterung.
    2. Premium Quality Coal Columnal Activated Carbon mit aktivierten Kohlenstoffpartikeln zur physikalischen Absorption.Effektiv bei der Filterung von Staub, Pollen, Rauch, Partikeln, Haaren, etc...
    3. Ausgestattet mit einem dichten Dichtring mit Schwammdichtring, um eine Verschiebung des Filterelements zu verhindern und den ungefilterten Lufteintrag zu schützen.
    4. HEPA 11 Klasse Layer - High Density Plissee Filterpapier.Dichtes Design, das die Windbeständigkeit effektiv reduziert und gleichzeitig die Luftzufuhr erhöht.Effektive Aufnahme von Partikeln > 0.25Kombi181m
    5. Einfache Installation mit Bandgriff an der Ecke zur schnellen Demontage.Mit Werkzeugen zur einfachen Installation.
    6. Menge: 2 Stück
    7. Ausstattung: Tesla Modell Y und Modell 3
Original Tesla A/C filters after 53,000 miles of use

Are your filters this dirty?

If they resemble these, it's time for a replacement. These filters are the original Tesla ones, having endured over 53,000 miles of use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Barbara Wolf (North Carolina, United States)
Instructions aren’t very good

The instructions were wrong and maybe for a different model than my Model 3. Thankfully I was able to find a YouTube video that walked me through it. Overall the filter seemed to fit. The tabs that are used to pull out the filter and shorter and slicker than the originals. This will make these harder to remove in the future possibly.

Kwame Mensah (Oregon, United States)
Great HEPA filters; Much more robust than OEM

These were easy install with the instructions provided and their multi-layer filter tech is much more engineered than the stock Tesla paper/fiber filters.

Jennifer Leslie (California, United States)
Better than Tesla

These filters are so much better than the ones that came with my Y. I’d buy them again.

Fred Martin (Tennessee, United States)
Not yet

Have not still received my order…

Brian Byrne (Florida, United States)
Good product

And timely delivery.

BP Sun (Arizona, United States)
Works Perfectly!

We have had a funky, vinegary smell with the AC that goes away after the AC has ran for a little bit, but that initial smell everytime the AC was turned on was horrendous and a known design flaw in the Model Y due to the condensation not draining properly. Well this air filter has wiped out that smell and is far better than the standard air filter Tesla put in our Model Y!

Randy Nater (California, United States)

Tesla Model Y & Model 3 HEPA Air Filter with Activated Carbon (2 pieces)

Steve Goldstein (New York, United States)
Model Y HEPA Air Filter

Looks like a well made replacement filter. The instruction sheet photos are a bit difficult to see and I will use a YouTube video for assistance.

Anmol Dhillon (California, United States)

Tesla Model Y & Model 3 HEPA Air Filter with Activated Carbon (2 pieces)

Steve Romberg (Florida, United States)
Works great-here's a good "how to" video

skunky smell is gone....took about 15 minutes altogether. Here's a great video that made it easy YouTube video placeholder