Mond-Stern-Projektor (Baby Nachtlicht)

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  • 360 Grad rotierende Moon Star Nachtlichtprojektor für Kinder oder Babys Schlafzimmer. Füllen Sie den Raum mit Mondlicht und Sternen. Beobachten Sie den Mond und den Stern, der durch ihr Zimmer fliegt.
  • 3 Arbeitsmodi
    • Modus A: Schaltet das Licht ein und aus.
    • Modus B: Durchläuft Farboptionen und aktiviert blaue / violette Sterne.
    • Modus C: Rotationsschalter.
  • 2 Wege zur Macht. Dieser Nachtlichtprojektor kann mit 4 x AAA-Akku (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten) oder USB-Kabel (Spannung sollte 5V sein) betrieben werden. HINWEIS: Verwenden Sie den Akku und das USB-Kabel nicht gleichzeitig.
  • Nachtlichtprojektor ist perfekt für die Dekoration von Partys und anderen Anlässen. Es ist ein tolles Geschenk für alle, auch für Ihre Freunde und Familien.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Edward Vargas (Upland, US)
It's a nice size planet Venus but when you plug in for light alumination it's not dark orange it'...

I give it a B- minus rating.

Patty Whalen (Yarmouth Port, US)

Mars Lamp

Angel (Daytona Beach, US)
Neptune lamp

I love the lamp! It goes perfectly with my other planets. Would definitely order from you again!

Colin Gilligan (Richmond Hill, US)
Very cool

Awesome job with 3D printer and internals. Doesn’t seem to last long at bright setting but that’s just the battery chosen. I wouldn’t mind if it were double the weight.

KimP (San Marcos, US)
Moon Space Lamp

I purchased the moon space lamp for my wife who has been infatuated with the moon since she was a little girl. She loves it. The surface of the lamp is textured to resemble the surface of the moon such that when the lamp is on, you see the light and dark ('seas', as in the Sea of Tranquility) areas of the moon just as if you were looking up at the real moon. Tapping the metal charge port with your finger cycles the lamp between white, pale yellow, and peach-orange colors. Holding the metal charge port changes the brightness level. Holding the metal charge port continuously for 10-15 seconds resets the lamp's controls. The lamp is not bright enough to sufficiently light a room, but it makes a great night light and/or conversation piece.

JamesS (Leesport, US)
Great little globe

Awesome globe. Solid, great stand, bright light. Couldn't be happier!! Grandson LOVES it!!! There was a small hiccup, emailed, quick reply with the answer. Most likely user error... Overall, 5 stars without a doubt!

Charlie Gillespie (Lebanon, US)
As Advertised

I actually bought this because I damaged the edge part of trunk from where it opened and hit the top of the garage door. Looks great and customer services was great as well.

Matis (Tallinn, EE)

Mars. The first one I received was broken inside so a replacement was sent. I hope everything will be fine with the new one. BUT the worst thing about it is the geography is negative! The Valles Marineris is a mountain range instead of a canyon and Olympus Mons is a crater rather than a volcano! It's like ordering a book and getting black pages and white text. Or mirrored text. With this level of georgaphical detail that it has - it's rather near - this invertedness is really not acceptable! You should review your print file or process. If the lightning colors change due to this, you can always increase or decrease the thickness printed inside the globe.

Cheryl Bender (San Diego, US)
Love my Moon lamp!

Looks exactly like what I view in my telescope during a full moon, except I can take my beautiful moon light into any room in the house and enjoy the glow of a full moon every night! Love mine and giving the others as gifts!

Roni (Charlotte, US)
Nice Lamp!

Looks good and fun!