Soft Cooler für Tesla Model 3

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    1. Hochleistungs-Nylonschale mit wasserdichtem Material
    2. Leicht und langlebig, pannensicher und reißfest
    3. Hergestellt aus umweltfreundlichen, ungiftigen, geruchlosen und recycelbaren Materialien
    4. Hält bis zu 52 Dosen Getränke
    5. UV-beständig gegen Ausbleichen
    6. Kommt mit einem Glasflaschen-Getränkeöffner
    7. 2 Arten zu tragen: Verwenden Sie Gurte oder greifen Sie an den Seitengriffen
    8. Ausstattung: 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk und 2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Rear Trunk Well

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Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Wolfgang Fühs (Gualala, US)
Perfect Cooler for our New Tesla

Full disclosure: I am a full Yeti cooler guy. After taking our delivery of Cookie Monster (MY7S) I really tried hard to buy a soft sided Yeti for the frunk. Either they were too tall and the frunk wouldn’t close or the interior cold space was about enough for a beer and an ice cube. I looked on line for a cooler that entered the same arena as a Yeti and found the Tesmanian MY v 2 cooler. We have used it now on two road trips akin to camping and it holds ice very respectably with ample room for two-three days worth of cold stuff. It fits perfectly into the frunk with enough room for a few jackets or whatever. Quality is top rate with a rugged zipper and thick insulation. I didn’t use the provided steel tray much since we refrigerate with our hello fresh ice packs. The carry straps and shoulder strap come in handy and I actually did use the attached church key to open a brew. Sure, when you compare it to a hard sided Yeti the Yeti will hold ice longer and I still use my Yeti 45 for family camping in remote zones, but for a Tesla the Tesmanian cooler really is unbeatable when you consider that it doesn’t take up have your precious cargo space in back. Just pop the frunk and your lunch practically makes itself. We love our new Tesmanian cooler just as much as we like our new Cookie Monster. PS: read and follow the zipper directions. It will save aggravation and gnashing of teeth.

Frank Bonilla (Nokomis, US)
Excellent product

Excellent. Fits and function. Thank you for your quality workmanship.

Jessie L (Edison, US)
Great cooler, a bit on the tall side.

cooler is light and does everything it needs to, the only problem is it is slightly too tall for the frunk of my 2022 model 3. The frunk won't close no matter how I try to reposition the cooler.

e (Mountain View, US)
Love it!

The cooler is amazing and fits perfectly in the frunk of the model y. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great cooler for their y.

Cliff Cochran (Pflugerville, US)
Very nice cooler, heavy duty.

Works great, a little too tall for the frunk in the model 3, but fits in the sub trunk just right. Zipper was really snug at first but after adding the lube and opening and closing it a dozen times it works great. And the bonus it has a metal rack and 3 ice packs that comes with it, which was a nice surprise.

Christian Malecot (San Diego, US)
Really Handy Use More Then I Thought

Really nice to have in the frunk! I've used it more than I thought I would. Comes in handy for lots of reasons. Not as deep as I thought but still good.

MorningDew133 (Glen Ellyn, US)
Perfect fit for the “Frunk”

I wanted to use the space in the frunk as much as possible and this tailored cooler fits perfectly! We can use to put food drinks for a picnic, the beach or road trip. It’s good quality and it comes with a strap if you want to carry it on your shoulders. Highly recommend it!

Really nice cooler

I really like this cooler. Holds a ton of stuff. The only draw back is that it doesn't have a way to stay open when you have it in the frunk. Would be nice to have a clip or something that would hold it open. I think I will use velcro which will be easy

Tom Swan (Dallas, US)
Soft cooler

Well built. Perfect fit.

Howard Fankhauser (Marysville, US)
Model Y soft cooler fits like a glove

We used the cooler the day after it arrived - it works like a champ! Prior to finding and buying your cooler, I spent far too much time trying to find a cooler that would fit the space - this is by far the best fit for our Model Y Frunk! Thank you! One comment: you might consider adding a note regarding cleaning of the interior surface - what to use or NOT use, should there be a bit of food, etc. to be wiped off. Not a criticism, but merely a suggestion.