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Soft Cooler for Tesla Model 3
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Soft Cooler für Tesla Model 3

    1. Hochleistungs-Nylonschale mit wasserdichtem Material
    2. Leicht und langlebig, pannensicher und reißfest
    3. Hergestellt aus umweltfreundlichen, ungiftigen, geruchlosen und recycelbaren Materialien
    4. Hält bis zu 52 Dosen Getränke
    5. UV-beständig gegen Ausbleichen
    6. Kommt mit einem Glasflaschen-Getränkeöffner
    7. 2 Arten zu tragen: Verwenden Sie Gurte oder greifen Sie an den Seitengriffen
    8. Ausstattung: 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk und 2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Rear Trunk Well

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Perfekt für den Außenbereich

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Al Naudin (Louisville, US)

Worked as advertised - very happy with my purchase.

Monica Fondie (Minneapolis, US)

Tesla Model Y Soft Cooler - Version 2

Darin P. (Sioux Falls, US)
Great Insulated Soft Cooler

Fairly lightweight for its dimensions and keeps perishables cold w/o need for overwhelming ice load. Two 6 lbs bags can do the trick for a good day and a half. And soft cooler can somewhat adjust for similar exterior volume storage spaces.

Kholli (Dallas, US)
Model Y sub trunk ice chest

High quality material and craftsmanship. Fits the Model Y sub trunk perfectly.

Ginsburg (Lynchburg, US)
Cool and compact

Loving my new cooler. It fits perfectly in the frunk, kept things cold through my weekend camping trip.

kai zhang (San Francisco, US)
Model 3 soft cooler

The cooler looks very nice, and build in high quality.

Brent Venters (Elko, US)
Great Purchase

This cooler perfectly fits the sub-trunk in my 2021 Model 3. We took it camping, and it still had ice in it almost 48 hours after originally placing the freezer blocks it came with plus 10 pounds of ice over a full cooler of beverages. We could not be happier with our purchase. FyI: Use the zipper lube that come with the cooler, and it will break the zipper in quickly.

Daniel Compton (Gardendale, US)
Happy Campers

We are very happy with our mew Tesmamian
Cooler. Exactly what we thought it would be. Thanks again Dam

Paul t aherne (Torrington, US)

The zip was extremely stiff. Would only open after spraying with Wad40

Damian Vega (Los Angeles, US)

It’s a size and keeps everything cool for a long time. Especially in the rear under trunk area

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