Weicher Kühler für Tesla Model Y

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    1. Heavy Duty Nylon Schale mit wasserdichtem Material
    2. Leicht und langlebig, punktions- und reißfest
    3. Hergestellt aus umweltfreundlichen, ungiftigen, geruchlosen und recycelbaren Materialien
    4. Hält bis zu 52 Dosen Getränke
    5. UV-beständig gegen Ausbleichen
    6. Kommt mit einem Glasflasche Getränkeöffner
    7. 2 Wege zu tragen: mit Riemen oder greifen Sie die Seitengriffe
    8. Passt in Tesla Model Y Front Trunk und Rear Trunk Well


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Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Dan Loomis (Raleigh, US)
Great little cooler!

This is the *perfect* cooler for those of us with the smaller frunk. We use it all the time to keep frozen food and leftovers cold. Love that there are two ice packs included in the package.

Francis Page, Jr. (Houston, US)
The Cooler is a Great Item

This is a perfect cooler for the Tesla Model Y - it fits the FRUNK exactly!

Barbara Reisfeld (Charlotte, US)
Well made

Not a lot of interior space but perfect sized for the rear trunk well

Annette Andersen (Palm Desert, US)
Great Cooler

Great on the go, keeping it cool

YKnot (San Jose, US)
Better than a Yeti?

This thing is built like a tank. I haven’t used it yet, but it definitely exudes outstanding quality. The materials and craftsmanship are top notch and on par with Yeti IMO (I have some of their products). Everyone that has seen it stops and takes a gander at it and wants to inspect it because it just looks cool and intrigues people. I have no doubt that this cooler is going to last and perform. I’m looking forward to it providing years of trouble free service.

Evan (Benton Harbor, US)
Great cooler, well insulated, looks sharp, fits perfectly in frunk of 2023 Model S

This cooler is really slick - it is well insulated, fits the Tesla Model S frunk perfectly, and looks sharp. It also has a shoulder strap and handles and various clips so you can clip other items on to it. It's well designed and practical.

Daronsta (Marrero, US)
Nice cooler!


Have not had a change to use it yet, but I have seen videos on the product! So I made my own TikTok! 745 views in 3 hours!



JK Cop (Marietta, US)
Great Cooler - Worth the Price

AT first I balked at the price. I bought a collapsible cooer off Amazon supposedly made to fit the Tesla frunk.. Sent it back, most of those seemed to be nothing more than a waterproof bag with little to no insulation. Bought this Tasmanian cooler during their last sale. There is no comparison to the cheaper collapsible coolers. This one is sturdy, very well designed with plenty of insulation. As an added bonus, it came with an adjustable wire basket and 3 large freezer packs. It is exactly the right size to fit into the trunk or frunk. It seems to me to be the perfect compromise between the super expensive Yeti type coolers and the cheap ones. It is well worth the price and I would absolutely make this purchase again. Hopefully in version 3 they will include external pockets!


Fits perfectly and great at the beach