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Tesla Model Y Soft Cooler
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Weicher Kühler für Tesla Model Y

    1. Heavy Duty Nylon Schale mit wasserdichtem Material
    2. Leicht und langlebig, punktions- und reißfest
    3. Hergestellt aus umweltfreundlichen, ungiftigen, geruchlosen und recycelbaren Materialien
    4. Hält bis zu 52 Dosen Getränke
    5. UV-beständig gegen Ausbleichen
    6. Kommt mit einem Glasflasche Getränkeöffner
    7. 2 Wege zu tragen: mit Riemen oder greifen Sie die Seitengriffe
    8. Passt in Tesla Model Y Front Trunk und Rear Trunk Well

Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Kevin Gellenbeck (Poway, US)
Works Well

This cooler is sized just right to fit both in the frunk and the rear storage well in the back of the Model Y. It also has pretty good insulation to stay cool though being in the frunk in the sun greatly shortens the time it is effective. Only knock, it is pretty expensive for a cooler...

ALo (Ponte Vedra Beach, US)
Keeps stuff really cool for a long time

Only negative it’s a bit tall for the 3 Frunk but it does close

William Underwood (Wilmington, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model S Soft Cooler

David Wilson (Santa Cruz, US)
Room for 3 six packs of beer and more ! 😃😃😃

Quality material, good insulation and room for the essentials.

Ronnie R (Chicago, US)
Small and pricy, works well

The quality is high, but the thick walls, which make it work well, are so thick, it ends up having very little room. The frunk is bigger. Why not make it frunk shaped and maximize the size?

Ari S (Tarrytown, US)

Great product. Fits perfectly

Lisa Larson-Kelley (Nyack, US)
Love it!

Just the right size, great quality, easy to clean.

Stuart Cook (Norfolk, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model S Soft Cooler

Charles Healey (Blue Earth, US)
Excellent quality

The quality was impressive

Customer (West Palm Beach, US)

Heavy duty cooler

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