Tesla Model 3 Klappmatratze

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    1. Tesla Model 3 Matratze - Kundenspezifisches Design 3" Hochdichte Schaumstoffmatratze speziell für Tesla Model 3
    2. Die dreifach gefaltete Matratze ist eine bequeme und bequeme Alternative zu Luftmatratzen. Es lässt sich mit wenig Aufwand zusammenfalten und entfalten und ist ideal für Camping oder Reisen und mehr.
    3. Weiche und belüftete 3D-Mesh-Deckschicht - Die faltbare Matratze besteht aus 3" Hochwertiger Luxusschaum von hoher Qualität, der für seine therapeutischen Vorteile bekannt ist. Atmungsaktive Netzseiten sorgen für eine angenehme Schlaftemperatur für einen guten Schlaf.
    4. Kompaktes Design - Leicht und tragbar, um in kompakten Räumen Platz für einfachen Transport zu finden und leicht genug zum Mitnehmen.
    5. Die maschinenwaschbare Abdeckung mit Reißverschluss kann in Sekundenschnelle entfernt werden.
    6. Die Tragetasche besteht aus dickem, strapazierfähigem Polyester, um Rissen und Rissen zu widerstehen. Praktische Tragegriffe sind genäht, um die Mobilität zum Kinderspiel zu machen.
    7. Kommt mit passendem hellgrauem Bettlaken- und Kissenbezug-Set.
    8. Ausstattung: Tesla Model 3

    Paket beinhaltet:

    1. 1x 3 "faltbare Schaumstoffmatratze mit hoher Dichte
    2. 1x Bettlaken
    3. 1x Kissenbezug-Set (2 Stück)
    4. 1x Tragetasche

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
William Kircher (Pennsylvania, United States)
Folds compactly into included carry bag.

Love the concept of all folding into a light carrying bag. However, this bag is going to take up too much storage room in the rear of your vehicle when not sleeping. Inflatable pad would be better and take up very little room. Check your tent camping store for options.

Jalen Woods (California, United States)

Tesla Model Y Foam Mattress

Guillermo Corpus (Texas, United States)
Comfortable and perfect fit

Just enough thickness of the foam to make it comfortable. It fits M3 perfectly

MaryJacolyn Pavlak (Washington, United States)
Foam mattress!!

Great mattress! Fits perfectly, love the gray color! Thanks so much!

Jonathan Lawry (Connecticut, United States)
Decent mattress

I recently purchased the Foam mattress for my Model Y, and used it last weekend for a “car camping” trip in Maine. It was very comfortable and I slept like a rock. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

TIP: If possible, sleep with the car facing slightly downhill. The back seats of the car do not fold completely flat with the trunk area, causing a slight incline. If you park facing slightly downhill, this will make the bedding surface more level.

The only negative is the carrying case. I lifted the strap a little too hard and it ripped easily. The mattress itself is great.

Russ from Reno (Nevada, United States)
Comfy, Cozy and Convenient!

Very nice addition for anyone who camps in the back of the Model Y. The title of this review says it all. Only question I have is.... Why the GIANT pillowcase??

Broken bag

The mattress fits great and is super comfortable but within the first day of putting it in the storage bag, the handle ripped, leaving a huge hole in the bag.

Jeff Armstrong (Missouri, United States)
Good quality mattress at a good price

We want to be able to car camp when it’s convenient for us, so a mattress was a must. Pros - This one is sized to fit our MY, good price, comfortable (we don’t feel anything below us), seems durable (we’ve only slept on it 3 times so far), comes with a sheet and pillow cases, and I believe it has a washable cover.
Cons - I don’t think it’s quite 3 inches thick, it isn’t fitted to the contours of the car so it’s a little small for 2 but doable, it folds down and is pretty large so it doesn’t fit in either the frunk or lower trunk which means it takes up a lot of space when not being used, and the storage case is pretty flimsy.

Overall, it’s a good camping mattress at a reasonable price compared to other options.

David Peterson (Iowa, United States)
Great Mattress!

Just had my first overnight camping experience in the Y, and the mattress is very comfortable, not just for back sleepers, but for side sleeping as well. Well done!

Justin Dudek (Wisconsin, United States)
Best Mattress Yet!

I have purchased three different mattresses for my Model Y. I am a bigger guy and this one seems more durable and sturdy. I don’t sink to the hard surface of the trunk.