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Tesla Model 3 Mattress Bed
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Tesla Model 3 Klappmatratze

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    1. Tesla Model 3 Matratze - Kundenspezifisches Design 3" Hochdichte Schaumstoffmatratze speziell für Tesla Model 3
    2. Die dreifach gefaltete Matratze ist eine bequeme und bequeme Alternative zu Luftmatratzen. Es lässt sich mit wenig Aufwand zusammenfalten und entfalten und ist ideal für Camping oder Reisen und mehr.
    3. Weiche und belüftete 3D-Mesh-Deckschicht - Die faltbare Matratze besteht aus 3" Hochwertiger Luxusschaum von hoher Qualität, der für seine therapeutischen Vorteile bekannt ist. Atmungsaktive Netzseiten sorgen für eine angenehme Schlaftemperatur für einen guten Schlaf.
    4. Kompaktes Design - Leicht und tragbar, um in kompakten Räumen Platz für einfachen Transport zu finden und leicht genug zum Mitnehmen.
    5. Die maschinenwaschbare Abdeckung mit Reißverschluss kann in Sekundenschnelle entfernt werden.
    6. Die Tragetasche besteht aus dickem, strapazierfähigem Polyester, um Rissen und Rissen zu widerstehen. Praktische Tragegriffe sind genäht, um die Mobilität zum Kinderspiel zu machen.
    7. Kommt mit passendem hellgrauem Bettlaken- und Kissenbezug-Set.
    8. Ausstattung: Tesla Model 3

    Paket beinhaltet:

    1. 1x 3 "faltbare Schaumstoffmatratze mit hoher Dichte
    2. 1x Bettlaken
    3. 1x Kissenbezug-Set (2 Stück)
    4. 1x Tragetasche

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Yong Han (Palmdale, US)
awesome and perfect

I used it a couple of time to sleep outside with my child.
It couldn't be better. You guys did awesome job.
All my family really love it. Thank you

John Chapman (Owensville, US)
The bag for the mattress was very week.

The bag for the mattress was very week. I put the mattress in it and picked it up by the handle and it ripped. Not cool!

Ryan M (Chandler, US)
Really cool mattress and surprisingly comfy!

Great mattress for my MY, is perfect for camp trips either solo or with another and quite comfy. It could be improved with zip on little wings for gaps near rear doors, possibly one more square just split in half. Or a custom black vacuum seal bag to save on space and improve on quality as current bag looks like it costs 50 c. to make.

Melinda Alison (Navasota, US)
Model 3 Extras

Love the seat cushions. Haven’t used the mattress yet.

Elizabeth D. (Cave Creek, US)
Must have for Camp Mode!

I researched “camping” in my Model Y for weeks before I actually camped in my Model Y. I took a leap of faith and instead of ordering another product that came in 3 pieces I ordered the Tesmat from Tasmanian. I have to say that not only did my dog enjoy the road trip while laying on it for the trip but it was actually comfortable to sleep on. I used for 2 days and slept really well both days. Now I know on longer adventures - I can save myself a few bucks by just using my Tesmanian mat and getting a good sleep in my Model Y!

Doug Rogers (Washington, US)
Comfortable and worthy, but bag is low quality

I've used the mattress a few times now in my Model Y. On each occasion it was a pleasant experience - especially compared to using a 30 year-old Thermarest! When folded it takes up quite a bit of space in the back, but it's well worth it for overnight trips. The sheet fits nicely and helps to keep the mattress flat - I have even left it on when folding it just for convenience. The pillow cases aren't really necessary since it does not come with pillows. The fit is good even with the Tesmanian Cargo Liner installed in the back (I didn't even feel the joints when sleeping). So overall quite good for its intended purpose, but...

The storage bag is made of a cheap, flimsy fabric. I hope that Tesmanian will fix this when they restock - and send me a replacement. On the very day I received the mattress, one of the zippers broke and *two* of the three handles broke off. I was just picking it up and unzipping it, not in a rough fashion at all. Now the bag has holes in it where the two handle tore out the fabric. Very unfortunate, and much poorer quality than I would have expected. My vote is to spend the pillowcase money on a better bag!

JB (Indianapolis, US)

The first time in my life that 3” has been adequate.

Stephen l camlin (Geneva, US)

good quality mattress, but a little firmer than I like. The carry bag tore at the handle the first time I tried to use it.

Kyle Braund (Dadeville, US)
Huge dog bed

Bought mattress to alleviate arthritis in our 12 year old Dalmatian who gives it 4 paws. Very comfortable and a perfect fit.

Eric Whedon (Milpitas, US)

Fits well, comfortable bed to sleep in