Tesla Modell 3 Sitzbezüge

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    1. Custom Design Sitzdecken speziell für 2018-2021 Tesla Modell 3
    2. Verschleißfest, atmungsaktiv, weiches und komfortables Leder, perfekt schützen die Originalsitze
    3. Made with Premium Quality Nappa Leder bei jedem Wetter geruchlos, umweltfreundlich
    4. Die Airbagsöffnung ist seitlich am vorderen Sitzbezug reserviert, was die Verwendung des Airbags nicht beeinträchtigt.
    5. Die Mitte der hinteren Sitzabdeckung hat einen Reißverschluss, der den normalen Gebrauch der hinteren Armlehne nicht beeinträchtigt.
    6. Die Sitzabdeckung behält sich die Verschlussposition des Sicherheitsgurtes vor, was die Verwendung der Sicherheitsgurte nicht beeinträchtigt.
    7. Ausstattung: 2018-2021 Tesla Modell 3


    1. 4 Teile für Vordersitze
    2. 5 Teile für den hinteren Sitz
    1. 2021 Tesla Modell 3
    2. 2020 Tesla Modell 3
    3. 2019 Tesla Modell 3
    4. 2018 Tesla Modell 3





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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Carolynn Crump (Chicago, US)
Highly recommended...but

There's no instructions. Use the you-tube video. Also, the front arm rest did not fit.
In addition, the rear fold down cup holder/arm rest cover is bulky to install. It doesn't fold up well either.

I "may" have to make a few alterations for the driver's front seat cover because it overlaps the seat's control panel. I am still testing that out. I've had it for 3 months now.
Everything else---fits like a glove which is hard to install. Yah need at least two people to install the seat covers.

There needs to be a cloth version---easy slip on like a t-shirt for the summer months. Please make them!

So soft I almost sheet myself (Atlanta, US)
No instructions

The seat covers look nice, but they don’t have any instructions on how to install them. I see other reviewers mention a video, but I don’t see it linked here and haven’t been able to find it on YouTube. It shouldn’t take this much work to find instructions.

Robert Angeles (Huntington Beach, US)
Difficult to install

However it looks perfect and worth the effort. I wished Tesmanian included the plastic tool to push and/or insert the cover.

Diana (Garden Grove, US)
Seat Covers

The seat covers are very well made. We bought the red ones since we couldn’t wait for the white to be back in stock. The installation was hard, not going to lie. It took awhile to figure things out. I do wish they came with some kind of instructions (the videos were no where to be found when we were installing) and a tool to push the seat covers in. We used our fingers since we couldn’t find anything around the house to use and in the end they hurt. Overall, they look nice, fits well and definitely will protect the original seats.

taylor koki (Los Angeles, US)
Great looking car seats

Have not had the time to fully install everything as they should be installed. Very difficult to install.

Jeffrey Moyer (Philadelphia, US)
High quality, but not for 7 seater

I purchased the white leather seat covers, materials and quality are excellent, and the fit is snug and clean looking. I have the 7 seat model Y, and I did not realize these are specifically designed for the 5 seat model (7 seater back bench is two parts instead of one solid bench as in the 5 seater). For anybody else with the seven seat model, just know that this will prevent you from being able to fold forward half of the back seat for access to the third row. I really needed a seat cover to protect the seats from my young child, so I decided to keep it. But pretty disappointing there's no seven seat version of available.

yogi bob (Taos, US)
Model Y white seat covers

OK,m I finally got these installed. Quality of the all leather covers is very good.
They have a higher quality feel than the factory seat material. The installation video was very good, but they do require some gymnastics to get them installed.
Lucky for 20 years of yoga training to help with the contortions! Once installed they look like they come from the factory. The only issue I had is the rear head rests covers slide on like hats and do not look as good as the original equipment.
But that said after they are installed they blend in nicely and are not a problem.
Fast shipping from Tasmanian and well packaged.. all parts included.
The white seat covers brightened up my MY black hole interior.. definitely happy!

Floyd Hall (Lakeside, US)

Hi, I have bought so many products from tesmanian and all are excellent! Fantastic customer service as well... Just installed the red seat covers on my model Y ... Everyone thinks they came that way!! Followed installation video and was pretty straightforward.. not very difficult... looks absolutely fantastic!!

Kyle K. (Chesapeake, US)
Quality seat covers. Slightly tricky install

Make sure to watch the instructional video on youtube and slow it down to 0.5x speed so you can see the detail steps. The front seats have airbag cutouts that need to go on the outside of the seat so make sure you set those up correctly. The rear seats are probably the hardest part with the center cupholder requiring a bit of pulling and stretching to get a good fit. Overall it looks excellent and my neighbor thought they cost 3 times what I paid for them. They do have some small wrinkles when you open them out of the package but that will go away after a few days.