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Soft Cooler for Tesla Model 3

  • Heavy Duty Nylon shell with waterproof material
  • Lightweight and durable, puncture and tear resistant
  • Made with Eco-Friendly, non toxic, odorless and recyclable materials
  • Holds up to 52 cans of beverage
  • UV resistant to prevent fading
  • Comes with a glass bottle beverage opener
  • 2 ways to carry: using straps or grab the side handles
  • Fits into 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk and Rear Trunk Well

  • Perfect for Outdoor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    So damn cool

    This is a high quality cooler that really fits the front and also rear trunks. Of course for the rear trunk, the cooler fits nicely in the lower well, but then, nobody can see it hidden down there. So, I’m using it in the front boot so all my hockey buddies will know how cool I am when I pop the boot and have 24 ice cold beer ready to go after games! Thx

    Fits both X and 3

    If you happen to be like me and have a model X and 3, it's hard to imagine a more purpose built product that helps with (what I consider) one of Tesla's largest deficiencies: lack of an air conditioned trunk for groceries.

    Great Tesla Cooler

    Great service, price and product!

    Best purchase ive done in a while

    Great material, fits awesome in the model 3 and great for road trips and when i go paintball with my peeps. 5 stars


    Soft Cooler for Tesla Model 3

    Great Family Cooler!

    We used the ice packs and bought a few more thin ones. We took a road trip and had our snacks kept cool for about two days. It was perfect fit within the trunk. I would say each Tesla Model 3 owner should buy one of these soft coolers. It is great for our family who likes fresh snacks!

    Great accessory for your model X

    The cooler is super clutch when you are grocery shopping or if you have little ones on a long road trip. I need to keep my kids milk cold and fresh and it lasts for hours. Make sure to get one of these and it fits perfectly in your X Frunk.

    Perfect Tesla Accessory

    I couldn’t be happier with a product designed to fit extra storage space in my Model 3.
    Completely outfitted to sit right in the bottom of my trunk space.
    I have no worries of leaks or overheating.
    Very smart product indeed.
    I’d press you to find a better one, this was designed for a Tesla.



    Can’t wait!

    I’m looking forward to putting this cooler through it’s paces. I have a yeti 18 soft cooler but when I saw this one made just for the Tesla Model 3, I couldn’t resist. The overall construction is very similar to the Yeti. The thickness and build quality is spot on. I feel it is just as good if not better than it’s more expensive competitor. The fact that it is bigger, a better fit, and less expensive is a big selling factor. I love finding new products that are really worth my time and money.

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