Kyrgyzstan Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers met with SpaceX representatives to discuss Starlink

Kyrgyzstan Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers met with SpaceX representatives to discuss Starlink
Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, Edil Baisalov, recently engaged in talks with SpaceX representatives to explore the possibility of providing access to the Starlink satellite Internet service within the country. The discussions, as reported by the Cabinet's press service, focused on bringing reliable and high-speed Internet connectivity to remote regions of Kyrgyzstan.
The SpaceX Starlink service, known for its innovative use of advanced satellite technology, aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-speed Internet access to areas with limited traditional infrastructure. With a network of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink has the potential to provide connectivity to remote and underserved regions, such as those found in Kyrgyzstan.
The landlocked country in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) has grappled with a series of obstacles in delivering sufficient internet connectivity to its populace. The nation's challenging topography and distant geographical settings have posed considerable hurdles in establishing conventional internet networks, resulting in sluggish and unstable connections in numerous regions. According to SpaceX's official Starlink Coverage Map, the internet service is scheduled to be available in Kyrgyzstan sometime in 2024. 
With Starlink, it will be much easier to connect remote communities across varied terrain because the user only needs electricity to connect the antenna to receive satellite internet. During the talks, both parties likely discussed the technical feasibility and potential benefits of introducing the Starlink service to Kyrgyzstan. The availability of reliable Internet connections in remote regions could have far-reaching implications, enabling educational, economic, and communication opportunities that were previously inaccessible. As negotiations progress, the partnership between Kyrgyzstan and SpaceX could mark a significant step towards enhancing digital inclusion in the country. 
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Featured Images Source: Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan (press release) 

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