Tesla and SpaceX News

The President of Ecuador welcomes SpaceX Starlink service to improve Internet connectivity across the country
SpaceX launches another batch of 56 Starlink satellites to expand internet coverage
SpaceX achieves 20th Falcon 9 launch of the year & has over 70 missions planned for 2023, shares Elon Musk
Elon Musk shares SpaceX is working to test Starlink V2 Mini satellites thoroughly after ‘experiencing some issues’ in orbit
U.S. Air Force is using SpaceX Starlink on Aircraft in the Indo-Pacific region –‘I was extremely impressed with the capability,’ says General
Flight-proven SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches 56 Starlink satellites to orbit
SpaceX Starlink Internet is now available in Haiti, including in rural & remote communities
NASA unveils Axiom spacesuit prototype for moonwalks after SpaceX Starship lands on the Lunar South Pole
Hong-Kong Anglo-Eastern announces plans to equip 200 ships with SpaceX Starlink
Elon Musk suggests SpaceX could potentially launch Starship to orbit on 4/20, pending FAA spaceflight license