Tesla Confirms 350kW for V4 Superchargers

Tesla Confirms 350kW for V4 Superchargers

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Tesla confirms that its V4 Superchargers have a charging power of 350kW. The information came from the planning template for a Supercharger location in the UK.

In the spring of 2023, Tesla began installing a new generation Supercharger, V4. Charging data from the first location in the Netherlands showed that the charging power was 250 kW. However, this did not mean that this was the maximum power, since Tesla itself did not make statements on the power of the new Superchargers.

However, Tesla recently released official information on the charging power of its V4 Superchargers. TeslaOwnersUK/X noticed this in the planning template for the UK location. There, the company listed the charging power as 350 kW. The proposed location is in the north parking lot of Swindon Designer Outlet. Tesla plans to create a charging station with 36 charging stalls. Of these, 16 stalls will be V4 Superchargers (350 kW). In addition, there are plans to install 20 AC charging stalls for owners who plan to spend a lot of time at the mall located there. This is expected to be the ChargePoint 6000 (22kW) model.

Tesla's new fast charging stations have also been confirmed to have a card reader and a small display. A column supercharger of the same design can also be seen on the V4 Supercharger columns that opened last week in Graz, Austria. At the moment there are six stalls, but the place will be expanded later to include more charging stalls.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously mentioned that the company will develop a Supercharger with 350kW charging power. Now it has been delivered. Higher power will shorten the charging time of electric vehicles, which is a positive step.

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